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  • 1.1.1 Baseband Downgrade Achieved!
    cash edit: All you OSX guys out there I have written a nice guide for you, it takes a little time but i tried to be as detailed as possible.
    Click here for the Downgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 complete guide including baseband via osx

    Revan has made the windows guide click here

    All right! If any of you have "bricked" iPhones from upgrading unlocked iPhone's to 1.1.1, you are now able to downgrade without paying a dime!

    The guys over at RDGaccess.com have put together a guide on how to do it, here it is:


    How To

    0. Download firmware 1.0.2 from apple: http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite....8_Restore.ipsw

    1. rename it to iPhone1,1_1.0.2_1C28_Restore.zip and unpack.

    2. extract the ramdisk file from it by typing

    dd if=694-5259-38.dmg of=ramdisk.dmg bs=512 skip=4

    3. mount the ramdisk by doubleclicking it (on mac). On windows use some HFS tools to peek inside it or get the files from someone who extracted it already.

    4. Put your phone into DFU mode and do option-restore in iTunes. This will reflash everything to 1.0.2. You will get an error at the end because it couldnt reflash the baseband. You will end up with a yellow triangle.

    5. Quit iTunes, launch iNdependence and quit it again, relaunch iTunes. Press the power button on the phone for 3-4 seconds. After like 10 seconds you end up on the activation screen.

    6. Complete the Downgrade by Jailbreaking / Activating, Installing SSh on to the phone etc. There are tons of wiki's about that so I won't repeat. (probably also true for step 4,5)

    7. Extract the baseband firmware and EEPROM files of 3.14 from the ramdisk of firmware 1.0.2. The files are named ICE03.14.08_G.eep and ICE03.14.08_G.fls and are located under /usr/local/standalone/firmware.

    8. Get the Secpack of baseband firmware 4.0. Its at the bottom of this post.

    9. Download ieraser2 from http://www.fink.org/ieraser/ or from Geohot's blog.

    10. Install all the tools on to the phone (i use the location /usr/local/bin)needed to get ssh access to the 1.0.2 firmware phone and upload ieraser2, the secpack, the firmware 3.14's FLS and EEP file and anySIM 1.0.2.

    11. ssh to the phone. Stop CommCenter? by typing:

    launchctl remove com.apple.CommCenter?

    12. run bbupdater -v. it will tell you you run version 4.01 of the baseband.

    (bbupdater is a tool by apple which is also on the ramdisk)

    13. run ieraser2. This will WIPE your baseband, given a file "secpack" is in the same directory and this is a version 4 secpack.

    14. run " bbupdater -v " again. it will not find any firmware now. 15. run " bbupdater -e ICE03.14.08_G.eep -f ICE03.14.08_G.fls " 16. run " bbupdater -v " it will tell you you run version 3.14 At this point in time you will still have a IMEI number starting with 004999... and its not of use yet. So still bricked but at least downgraded to version 3.14.

    17. run anySIM Version 1.0.2 (note that older versions might not be good here as 1.0.2 has a lot of fixes for this kind of stuff).

    Now you have a unlocked 3.14 baseband with IMEI being your original one! Congratulations you now fully recovered from your update 1.1.1 and are back to 1.0.2.

    If you want to return to virgin state again you can stop the commcenter again and repeat " bbupdater -e ICE03.14.08_G.eep -f ICE03.14.08_G.fls " again to reflash the "locked" version of the baseband.


    All files needed are here
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    1. k0mpresd's Avatar
      k0mpresd -
      i was getting wrong imei #...now i just get incorrect sim

      i am also a legit at&t customer w/ an unlocked phone

      no matter what i do or what the guides say the phone doesnt seem to go back to a totally virgin state
    1. DoerrFan's Avatar
      DoerrFan -
      Quote Originally Posted by k0mpresd View Post
      i was getting wrong imei #...now i just get incorrect sim

      i am also a legit at&t customer w/ an unlocked phone

      no matter what i do or what the guides say the phone doesnt seem to go back to a totally virgin state
      no, it does not fully fix it, the NVRAM is still corrupted, restore your phone still with 1.0.2 then AT&T will do normal activation.

      EDIT: Of course thats after running anySIM again.
    1. Mirza513's Avatar
      Mirza513 -
      Quote Originally Posted by 71_Dime View Post
      I have an unlocked iphone. i updated to 1.1.1 and bricked the phone. i downgraded the firmware successfully to 1.0.2 because i go the yellow triangle again. followed the steps but i cant get past step 3 which is to tap on Terminal icon. I have to use Terminal on the phone?? i'm still on the Activate Itunes screen and cant go to my springboard so i cant run Terminal on my phone. it also says incorrect sim. i have a valid att sim and contract and the IMEI is the weird number. no the same as the back of phone. can some one please point me the right direction. thanks in advance.
      Hey dude, did you run PAYCAY?
      Make sure ouy have 1.0.2
      Run apptapp installer for 1.0.2
      then run PAYCAY.
      After these three steps, you should be able to see your springboard.
    1. crazygreg's Avatar
      crazygreg -
      I have a bricked Iphone (1.02 unlocked, and updated to 1.1), I downgraded it, try different stuff to find a way to remove this f*ing locked window "this iphone need a activated simcard...etc" and.., I discovered after launched Ibrick v0.91 and Itunes, and clicked on "reload app list" at the same time as Itunes start to synch, I restart the Iphone, and I have access to all the 8 first icones, SMS, Calendar, Photo, camera, Youtube (working) Stocks, Maps, Weather... but not the other one, clock installer, etc...

      So my question is simple, do there is a way to rename an app like "installer" in "SMS, or replace the link of the "sms" icon to the "Installer" application, allowing me to launch the instalation of the ssh, so I can downgrade the baseband and remove the brick lock?
      --> maybe all of this is a stupid idea, but at least, I tried to do something.

    1. k0mpresd's Avatar
      k0mpresd -
      Quote Originally Posted by DoerrFan View Post
      no, it does not fully fix it, the NVRAM is still corrupted, restore your phone still with 1.0.2 then AT&T will do normal activation.
      i have restored to 1.0.2...still tells me incorrect sim
    1. bkbiggs's Avatar
      bkbiggs -
      Did you install and run anySIM?
    1. avamark's Avatar
      avamark -
      Hi guys..new to the forum. I recently purchased my iphone and unlocked it to use with tmobile. Out of my own stupidity and curiosity, i tried upgrading to 1.1.1. because i had read a guide on how to do it, but later discovered it said to not try if i had unlocked the phone. So now I have a bricked phone and Im trying to unbrick it. I am not getting that yellow triangle anymore..i am getting a picture of a usb cable with an arrow pointing to the itunes logo. Has anyone else gotten that...i cant unbrick..please help.
    1. xp02ed's Avatar
      xp02ed -
      Ye what you do is
      get it to restore mode with the USB thing. open itunes then do a manual restore to 1.0.2 which u can download sumwhere here..

      when you get the error exit items and jailbreak it etc..

      Once activated look at http://www.modmyi.com/forums/showthr...?t=9578&page=3 go to mirza's post to downgrade the BB (baseband) ;D then go through anysim process agian
    1. avamark's Avatar
      avamark -
      I cannot jailbreak...after itunes gives me the restore error i ext out and go to jailbreak in independence. independence tells me "error entering recovery mode"
      please help!
    1. kidkrops's Avatar
      kidkrops -
      I need help, can someone please direct me/tell me how i can activate my ATT simcard after i've jailbroken my 1.1.1 after downgrading?
    1. DrTroy's Avatar
      DrTroy -
      once donce, I can't connect to FUGU anymore, it says : REMOTE HOST HAS CHANGED, when I type the IP, ID root, 22 and / it doesn't want to connect...

      Do I need to put the Lockdownd modified file in the iPhone ??
    1. muccaeppollo's Avatar
      muccaeppollo -
      Hi cash, thank you for your hard work !!!
      I've got an unlock 1.0.2 (1C28) iPhone running with a different operator than ATT.
      My FW ver. is 03.14.08_G
      have I to brick it upgrading to 1.1.1 or is there something I can skip in your guide?
      Can I start jailbraking it up to 1.1.1 with iNdependence or do I have to "virginize" it before ?
      thanks a lot
    1. superkooollll's Avatar
      superkooollll -
      Helloooooooo somebody help? I bought the phone with 1.1.1 and I followed the guide and while downloading baseband i stuck after ieraser .. it keeps me saying "watiting for data" i dont know wats the problem is ...
      elite teeam and all my frndz and member here...help me find the soultion of this prob.
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      just wait for anysim the free GUI unlock for 1.1.1
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      I could use a tester. Preferably running 1.0.2 f/w with a messed up baseband. pm me im contact details

      oh and running osx
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      When you jailbreak+Activate the iphone how do you send Anysim to it?
    1. udayc's Avatar
      udayc -
      Ok I had an unlocked 1.0.2 - I followed the instructions - virginized it and then upgraded to 1.1.1 ran the new independence and then anysim 1.1.1 and it doenst work - I tried it twice and it just didnt work - the phone is activated but sim is locked - had to downgrade it back to 1.0.2 and use old version of anysim to get it to work - my thoughts are that the virginizer is not really what its supposed to be - it does get your sim back to locked status but I think it still has the modded baseband albeit for version 1.0.2 - so until a real virginizer tool or method comes up id suggest that no one with an unlocked 1.0.2 phone should upgrade yet.

      Still if anyone has done it and - its possible Im wrong - please do let me know as to how you did it.

    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      due to new method for baseband downgrade this thread is closed.

      please refer here