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  • 1.1.1 jailbreak achieved
    looks like we're still waiting. but it's always good to see some documented progress! kudos to the dev team

    pf update:

    +asap18 on the iPhone IRC got this pretty screenshot.

    pf edit, the basics:

    "So what does this jailbreak mean?

    Third Party apps run. Kind of. We probably have to recompile many of them for the new frameworks because many of them crash.
    Springboard no longer recognizes DisplayOrder.plist. And the list of "whitelisted" apps (that is, the official Applications including Safari, Photos, Calendar, etc) seems to be hard-coded into Springboard.app
    The iPhone has been activated via third-party workarounds.
    The 1.1.1 binaries barely work with 1.0.2 -- at least not well enough to run the music store without major hacking.
    The Mobile Terminal App works on 1.1.1.
    The entire bsd suite still works -- as do standard command-line utilities compiled for ARM.
    1.1.1 references both com.apple.mobile.radio and com.apple.mobile.nike.
    The jailbreak method is nowhere near ready for prime time. So please be patient."

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    1. CrossBow's Avatar
      CrossBow -
      PLEASE Folks....

      Jailbreak referes to having read and write access to the APPLICATION PROCESSOR filesystem.

      Unlocking/unbricking requires modification of the GSM Radio's firmware code. That is called the BASEBAND PROCESSOR (bb), and is entirely seperate.

      Of course, being able to run applications on a 1.1.1 phone will clearly be of assistance to to those working on unlocks/unbricking, but except as a tool, the 2 are UNRELATED.

      If I hack into a given PC, it does NOT mean that I have access to the PC sitting on the table next to it, but I may be able to use the hacked PC to launch attacks on the second one.

      That is the way your iPhone works. It is 2 seperate processors with seperate operating systems, and seperate memory chips. Nearly all current mobile phones, except pretty basic ones, work this way.
    1. pingwhen's Avatar
      pingwhen -
      so has it been done or not what is going on this is the most confusing thread here everyone keeps asking questions that are all ready answered its really anoying.
    1. beedyb220's Avatar
      beedyb220 -
      Don't know if these updates have been posted but...

      Springboard for 1.1.1

      iPhone BSD package has been updated as well as sSH
    1. Nemesis45's Avatar
      Nemesis45 -
      Quote Originally Posted by dalton voss View Post
      You can downgrade back to 1.0.2 and use your phone still as long as you haven't done 1.1.1. I just fixed a friend's on the weekend following these instructions:


      He had unlocked his phone with AnySIM but screwed it up - it was unlocked but got "No Service" and couldn't make/receive calls. Those instructions put it back to out-of-the-box so I could do the unlock method found here in the wiki, and he's now got it unlocked and is using it!

      Hey! dude

      Do you think it would work with my i have and att sim but when i insert the SIM i get a error!! thnx in advance
    1. sogo's Avatar
      sogo -
      Side Scrolling, freakin sweat. Look at the dots, I wonder if you can separate the apps to different pages?
    1. CALBUILD's Avatar
      CALBUILD -
      i had my iPhone reactivated (everything on) in two days "after" i updated to 1.1.1. and bricked it.
      wifi, youtube, google etc. all working... it just wouldnt make phone calls...because it wouldnt recognize any sims at all, including active AT&T sims

      That i owe to Hackintosh folks, but im sure it could have been been by others as well.........thanks to whom ever figured the downgrade.........works great...and EZ with iBrickr....thanks Nate
    1. Ridge's Avatar
      Ridge -
      Here is the guide boys....


      its in its early stages so be very very careful...
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      just a few more days left