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  • Mobile Store Running on 1.0.2!
    There isn't full instructions yet, and apparently the method of doing so breaks a bunch of OTHER stuff on your 1.0.2 iPhone, so I wouldn't advise doing it quite yet, but a hacker named digitalgecko has successfully run the MobileStore.app on a 1.0.2 phone!

    "WARNING: Currently Following Any Instuctions To Enable the Store Will Break Almost Everything Else, You WILL be Restoring Your Phone
    digitalgecko has successfully run the MobileStore.app on a 1.0.2 phone. Doing so requires replacing alot of frameworks so its not currently recommended. The store functionality is limited as itunes will not configure a 1.0.2 Iphone for Mobile access.

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    1. Gazoo's Avatar
      Gazoo -
      Is of little use to me, but it does show that 1.1.1 apps can be used with 1.0.2 phones. This is a good development for those who want 1.1.1 functionality without losing 1.0.2 modability.

      Personally, 1.1.1 has offered very little in the way of expanded value that would entice me to upgrade from 1.0.2.

      And rxmxsh, your avatar freaked me out. Too early in the day for that kind of optical illusion.
    1. iBwizzle's Avatar
      iBwizzle -
      ...really, who buys music nowadays? iKnow for a fact that real iPhone modders don't buy music unless iTs there favorite favorite favorite artist or somethin'. Anyways you hackers keep doin' your thing and good lookin' out for all the work you done and future work as well. Ya' be patient and let the hackers work their magic. Meanwhile, all you crazy folks payin' for music need to visit:
      ...and download full ablums for free!!!

      -sent from my iPhone