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  • 1.1.1 Filesystem Access Achieved!
    Hackers "dinopio" and "Edgan" have managed to gain complete filesystem access in 1.1.1. This is NOT full write access, and jailbreak is NOT achieved yet. This was managed by using symbolic links before upgrading.

    Our friend Erica Sadun over at TUAW has put up a blog about her experience recreating their method here. We're getting close, folks!


    p.s. No, Mobile Music Store does NOT work on 1.0.2 yet. Erica surmises it may be missing 1.1.1 frameworks, or simply an activation cert like YouTube needs.
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      Quote Originally Posted by patrickj View Post
      LOL - very true - 'we kicked butt' we'll say when what I / we did is slam lots of beers and a few hot dogs, and what they / we did is whack Oklahoma by 20 (Horns fan here, waiting on Red River Shootout today) ...
      But then we'll say "they lost" when things don't go so well...
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      But then we'll say "they lost" when things don't go so well...
      Yup, they sure did. I did my part ...
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      I bet the devs already have an full jailbreak but they havent showd it to the public and ther fixing all the bugs
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