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  • Downgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 POSSIBLE NOW!
    KMAC over at hackint0sh has found a way to downgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2. Here's the skinny:
    • Start iTunes and plug in your iPhone which is running the 1.1.1 firmware.
    • Hold down the Sleep and Home button for 10 seconds. Allow the phone to power off, but keep holding down the buttons. After 10 seconds, let go of the Sleep button, but keep the Home button pressed until iTunes sees your iPhone. The screen on your iPhone should be displaying nothing right now.
    • iTunes will ask you if you want to restorea. Hold down Option or Alt, I forget which (Shift if you are in Windows), and click restore. When iTunes asks you what file you would like to restore from, navigate to your 1.0.2 folder. You may have to rename that file to .zip and uncompress it. It will begin to restore.
    • When it completes, you will get an error. The iPhone will display the yellow triangle on the screen. Leave iTunes open, and run AppTapp. This may give you an error, but you should see the "Activate iPhone" screen after.
    • Run AppTapp again. If the iPhone isn't being recognized, restart the computer and then run AppTapp for the second time.
    • Congrats! You now have 1.0.2 again! iNdependence and all other modding apps will now work.
    This has been verified with iTunes

    Wiki here.


    UPDATE: Not confirmed yet, but for those having the "incorrect SIM" issue after dowgrading, try this (thanks, Doerr)

    Just turn off the phone, take out the SIM card, turn it on, and when its done put it back in.
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    1. sabroson's Avatar
      sabroson -
      I just want to say how glad I am that you guys are out there doing all this work.

      If it wasn't for you guys I would not be able to have an iPhone here in Puerto Rico...

      I get better customer support from this website than from Apple or AT&T itself ... it's strange.. but true !!!

      THANK YOU !!!!!
    1. RANE2001's Avatar
      RANE2001 -
      I will paypal anyone $50 if they can get my iPhone working.... its bad enough that I lost all my contacts since my pc crashed but now I cant even use my phone. :-(
    1. damesio's Avatar
      damesio -
      I tried over and over again 'til I left both buttons pressed for about 10 secs after the screen went blank, then released the sleep button (top) and iTunes recognized the phone, after that the option/alt-restore process selecting 1.0.2 ipsw file. At the end you will get an error but it should be error (1103). after that you are back in 1.0.2 Hope it helps
    1. RANE2001's Avatar
      RANE2001 -
      tried that and it updated to 1.02 but I still get incorrect sim error
    1. iNfEk's Avatar
      iNfEk -
      UPDATE: Not confirmed yet, but for those having the "incorrect SIM" issue after dowgrading, try this (thanks, Doerr)

      Just turn off the phone, take out the SIM card, turn it on, and when its done put it back in.
      I can confirm that this does NOT work for me and I'm displaying the Incorrect SIM message
    1. stylin's Avatar
      stylin -
      Can someone help me im following the directions and trying to restore my phone back to 1.0.2 and i keep getting the iphone could not be restored. An unknown error occured. Please help
    1. asifjahmed's Avatar
      asifjahmed -

      What version of iTunes are you using?

      Try using 7.3.2. This version of iTunes has no clue about the 1.1.1 update.
      Available here: http://www.filehippo.com/download_itunes/?3005

      After installation, place the 1.0.2 restore file (iPhone1,1_1.0.2_1C28_Restore.ipsw) in the following directory:
      "CDocuments and Settings\%username%\Application Data\Apple Computer\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates" (without the quotes).

      EDIT: the link provided is for Windows users.
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      Quote Originally Posted by xxjoebreadxx View Post
      Yes, Everything should work fine for you. I have a legit conract with AT&T on one of my iphones. I had one phone that had 3rd party apps on it, and updated. Then I can back and downgraded and it works fine. As long as you have never unlocked,You should be good to go. Even if your not...you can awalys put the 1.1.1 back on there.
      Thanks for the straight forward response! I appreciate it. I plan on downgrading this afternoon because 1.1.1 is giving me all sorts of problems, plus, I miss my 3rd party apps.
    1. uPhone559's Avatar
      uPhone559 -
      ok so im in windows, i d/l'd the 1.02 file followed the instructions it extracted the software and gave me an error - but does it re-activate in iTunes at any point? I don't want to lose all my contacts....
    1. ricsosa's Avatar
      ricsosa -
      I already unblock my iphone and working perfectly . I have a question. Is that truth that the new iphones selling in store at this moment canīt be unblocked, even if you use 1.0.2 firmware version?

      I already unblock my iphone and working perfectly. . I have a question. Is that truth that the new iphones selling in store at this moment can´t be unblocked, even if you use 1.0.2 firmware version?
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      SO HAPPY!!! Just downgraded successfully!!!
    1. Toughtony's Avatar
      Toughtony -
      This process does work,

      First be docked to itunes hold the hom and power key til the screen goes blank a couple secs after ur slider disappears for the off

      now keep ur finger on the home button and let go of the power button ur computer stays connected during this.

      now ur computer if windows will detect ur phone at that moment let go of the home button

      itunes should still be open and has detected ur fone and ur screen should be blank on the fone.

      hold down ur shift key and click on the restore button, a window opens find the file update that u downloaded 1.0.2. and select and hit ok. let it do its thing.

      Now u are set, I used jailbreak on mine and everything went back to normal, now I have been using it for 3 days and I just started getting issues with the EDGE, it says no edge subscription dont know why yet but I am looking into it. with the edge out no email or web.....

      My 3 year old sister could do this....
    1. usczeus's Avatar
      usczeus -
      Quote Originally Posted by Murfunit View Post
      Because either you're not pressing the buttons in the right sequence. Or you're holding the keys too long.

      HOME + SLEEP till the screen goes black

      As soon as the screen goes black RELEASE SLEEP and continue to HOLD HOME.

      Hold HOME till iTunes recognizes the phone then release it.

      DO NOT hold it till you see any restore icons (triangle or otherwise). The screen SHOULD BE BLANK when you release the HOME button

      And just to clarify

      HOME is the round button on the FACE of the iPhone

      SLEEP is the rectangular button on the TOP of the iPhone.
      Follow Murfunit's instructions for home + sleep combinations. This is what finally worked for me. Thanks Murf.
    1. Arianiv's Avatar
      Arianiv -
      My mac itunes 7.42 failed at the 1.11 upgrade then subsequently failed at putting on either 1.11 or 1.02 using restore. The 1.11 upgrade just basically forced the phone into recovery mode forever. It starts the restore when I try, but it always fails for 'an unknown error (6)' What the heck is going on?

      Also the home button thing doesn't do anything.

      Oh and funny enough, I quit out of itunes one time and the phone comes back up (no yellow triangle or apple), and its working again, no restore has happened no upgrade has happened whatsoever, back at 1.02 with all my files still there. But syncing doesn't work..... so weird. I just want to restore it basically right now and it just won't do it.
    1. sean637's Avatar
      sean637 -
      it didnt work for me i follow the instruction and it shows up the errors that u indicated but i still have the incorrrect sim.
    1. Arianiv's Avatar
      Arianiv -
      Update :

      even more crazy, while doing all of this one of my mac USB ports decided to freak out that I was plugging in the iphone in and out. It stopped recognizing ANYTHING including the mouse.

      So I finally try another port and voila, able to restore to 1.02.. activated successfully, now to resync my data, move to 1.11, and wait for a new version of installer so I can enjoy my toy again
    1. uPhone559's Avatar
      uPhone559 -
      downgrade worked perfectly as advertised! I've never used AppTapp Installer for windows b4, worked pretty quick too. Thanks, now I can mod again
    1. majedrajab's Avatar
      majedrajab -
      i bought sevral iphones and i got 1 that is 1.1.1 so i compared the imei no's my resaults were if the imei contains 30000 its 1.0.2 it can be unlocked if its 30001 its 1.1.1. for example if its 0112430000***** then its the old update. also if its 01124500***** if you see either the 500 or the 30000 your good but if you see the 30001 dont bother opening and through $40 to return it.

      Note this is a hypothesis i made and worked with over 10 phones!

      please confirm this if any one has other thoughts to it.
    1. sean637's Avatar
      sean637 -
      i have similar issue!!!! Damn It!!! Im so frustrated!!!! Its seems like the restore and App Tapp are successful but I still Have that Damn incorrect sim!!!

      Quote Originally Posted by SiLeNtKiLLa View Post
      For you guys with the incorrect sim issues... my process has been confirmed here.. http://www.hackint0sh.org/forum/show...1&postcount=61 just upload the hacked lockdwnd file to your iPhone, and you should be in good shape.
      What is lockdwnd file?
    1. 71_Dime's Avatar
      71_Dime -
      i was wondering if i would get the "incorrect sim error" on my phone if i updated my firmware to 1.1.1. from 1.0.2??? My phone has been activated and is running with a legit At&t contract and sim. The phone is UNLOCKED.

      If I upgrade firmware to 1.1.1 would i be able to downgrade later?