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  • Downgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 POSSIBLE NOW!
    KMAC over at hackint0sh has found a way to downgrade from 1.1.1 to 1.0.2. Here's the skinny:
    • Start iTunes and plug in your iPhone which is running the 1.1.1 firmware.
    • Hold down the Sleep and Home button for 10 seconds. Allow the phone to power off, but keep holding down the buttons. After 10 seconds, let go of the Sleep button, but keep the Home button pressed until iTunes sees your iPhone. The screen on your iPhone should be displaying nothing right now.
    • iTunes will ask you if you want to restorea. Hold down Option or Alt, I forget which (Shift if you are in Windows), and click restore. When iTunes asks you what file you would like to restore from, navigate to your 1.0.2 folder. You may have to rename that file to .zip and uncompress it. It will begin to restore.
    • When it completes, you will get an error. The iPhone will display the yellow triangle on the screen. Leave iTunes open, and run AppTapp. This may give you an error, but you should see the "Activate iPhone" screen after.
    • Run AppTapp again. If the iPhone isn't being recognized, restart the computer and then run AppTapp for the second time.
    • Congrats! You now have 1.0.2 again! iNdependence and all other modding apps will now work.
    This has been verified with iTunes

    Wiki here.


    UPDATE: Not confirmed yet, but for those having the "incorrect SIM" issue after dowgrading, try this (thanks, Doerr)

    Just turn off the phone, take out the SIM card, turn it on, and when its done put it back in.
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    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Check the Wiki to learn how to do iPhone file transfer. That is not a discussion for this thread. It involves installing (using iBrickr or just Installer.app) the BSD Subsystems, and then OpenSSH, and then using WinSCP to drag and drop files to your iPhone. If you need more help with that, please post in the Windows modding forum.
    1. steinah's Avatar
      steinah -
      i was always on AT&T, this downgrade worked flawlessly, i'm currently updating all my apptapp programs i can't thank who discovered this enough.
    1. gramirez's Avatar
      gramirez -
      Well....i have also always been with att but i have thouroughly followed the instructions everywhere and i just can't seem to get my wireless services working i can't make a phone call or anything :-(
    1. champnou's Avatar
      champnou -
      ok SiLeNtKiLLa where r u getting your lockdown file? i only have the one that went with unlock files, i dont have the original file.
    1. rishidhar's Avatar
      rishidhar -

      i got back to 1.0.2 and got it activated using lockdownd but only ibrickr can see my system files. What i mean to say is , ibrickr can see my phone jail broken, but via ssh or terminal i can only see 2 directories .

      Library and Media

      I tried jailbreaking again and again..same problem. This has only happened after i had unlocked my phone...any ideas?
    1. BLOWNCO's Avatar
      BLOWNCO -
      just did it and it works thanks a ton
    1. iNfEk's Avatar
      iNfEk -
      ok so this seems to have worked for me (sort of)

      as previously posted by another member I am able to get into the iphone now and all modding is possible but no phone service due to the bad IMEI number that was changed with the 1.1.1 update.

      what needs to be done now (i know it's possible since apple did it to my phone) is to change the software IMEI to reflect the real one on the back of my phone. After that is done I'm more than sure that I'll be able to use the phone feature of the iphone.

      after this important discovery instead of ibrick I have a iPhone Touch (everything works including wifi)

      eagerly looking forward to the next discovery.

      unlocked iphone with no phone service... we're getting closer

      I'm on AT&T but my active AT&T sim in my newly purchased iphone today (had to get one since cannot be without phone) and it still continues to display "Incorrect SIM" not instead of the previous message that I received.
    1. homeboy's Avatar
      homeboy -
      Hello everyone !

      I follow all instructions to go back to 1.0.2, but after i start restore, it gives me this message ( Please help !!!
    1. iNfEk's Avatar
      iNfEk -
      you have to make sure the screen is blank and does NOT have the yellow triangle on the screen. only after you use tapp then you'll see the yellow triangle

      you'll get a similar error but the number in the () is different (for me anyway it was a 3-4 digit number)
    1. danman227460's Avatar
      danman227460 -
      Can't seem to find the answer Im looking for. If I bought a NEW phone, has the firmware, would I be able to downgrade and SIM unlock the phone? Any answers would be great. Most of the posts seem to be dealing with people updating then downgrading.
    1. lgreenberg's Avatar
      lgreenberg -
      It's good to be back to 1.02
    1. stag_sunny's Avatar
      stag_sunny -
      Hiiiiii. i have a Unclocked phone. and have Upgraded to version1.1.1 , and running App Tab to downgrade to 1.0.2. will me phone will unlocked again........... Kindly advice thanks Sunny
    1. danman227460's Avatar
      danman227460 -
      Quote Originally Posted by stag_sunny View Post
      Hiiiiii. i have a Unclocked phone. and have Upgraded to version1.1.1 , and running App Tab to downgrade to 1.0.2. will me phone will unlocked again........... Kindly advice thanks Sunny
      Im still trying to find all the information I can but so far from what Ive read, if you have already unlocked your phone, the modem firmware should be the old one. This means, your phone SHOULD be unlocked.

      I answered my own question too, if you get a brand new Iphone, you can't unlock it unless you use a backdoor method. So pretty much all you can do with a brand new Iphone for people looking to Sim Unlock it, is have an Ipod Touch.
    1. alex5213's Avatar
      alex5213 -
      I found this video by amnesia in youtube about how to make the downgrade process 1.1.1 to 1.0.2 :


      Hope it helps,
    1. sookie626's Avatar
      sookie626 -
      at this pace... give ita another week and 1.1.1 will be hacked
    1. elfribo's Avatar
      elfribo -
      Quote Originally Posted by dylan23 View Post
      im not getting the yellow triangle. im getting a 30pin connector with an arrow pointing to the itunes icon

      what up with this?
      Same thing just a prettier image!
    1. HORTON16's Avatar
      HORTON16 -
      is this safe?

      are there any negative results?

      if i upgrade back to 1.1.1 with apps on my phone will i get bricked?
    1. DeadCode2k's Avatar
      DeadCode2k -
      Thanks man this thing worked. last night I could not get this thing to work for me I was getting pissed but now my phone works. I don't have phone access I'm just happy too be able to use it and not having it as a brick.

      thanks again to everybody who made this possible : )
    1. Alperovich's Avatar
      Alperovich -
      awesome this is good news! now lets see the dev team break 1.1.1
    1. HORTON16's Avatar
      HORTON16 -
      not enough people are coming in here yet im gonig to wait for another 30 ppl or so to do it before i do