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  • The State of the iPhone and Europe
    I will continually update this thread with the European state of the iPhone.

    At the moment, we have:

    Germany - confirmed with T-Mobile.
    France - confirmed with Orange.
    UK - confirmed with O2.

    Vodafone is still in talks with Apple for other countries, and TeliaSonera and Telenor are fighting for rights in Norway. Apple is set to make some good money with this iPhone venture.

    Source: everywhere.
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    1. davedave1234's Avatar
      davedave1234 -
      Could this mean, visual voice mail for T-mobile?
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Doubt it. Thats a network side thing. T-Mo USA isn't gonna change their whole network just cause their German network is.
    1. zandbijterke's Avatar
      zandbijterke -
      Belgium confirmed with Mobistar !!! And someone I know with pre paid cards from Proximus also. Only the Visual Voicemail doesn't work ...
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Link for the Belgium confirmation story?
    1. Bentot's Avatar
      Bentot -
      I can confirm that my T-Mobile US SIM card in my modded 4GB iPhone will connect to:
      T-Mobile UK, O2 UK, Vodaphone UK & Orange

      My UK Virgin Pay-as you go SIM connected OK to Virgin, T-Mobile UK & O2 UK.

      My UK Virgin Pay-as you go SIM connected OK to Orange & Virgin UK.

      I don't have Data accounts with any carrier, so i can't send & receive email without a wi-fi connection.
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Thanks! However, this is for carriers that are confirmed to sign agreements with Apple to officially retail the iPhone.
    1. sirrius's Avatar
      sirrius -
      I can confirm that it works with Netcom in Norway
    1. Jasen Hicks's Avatar
      Jasen Hicks -
      Just got my iPhone this afternoon. Got home, unlocked it.

      iPhone 1.0.2 unlocked works with Vodafone Italy!
    1. defkonmusic's Avatar
      defkonmusic -
      I am a little confused. Is this thread about where one can subscribe to a working service with the iPhone or where the iPhone works around the world? I have been traveling everywhere in Europe, UK, and South America since I got my iPhone and it hasnt had any problems (except for the roaming charges). Visual voice mail doesnt work anywhere but the US so far but I have programmed my voicemail number into my favs so it isnt a problem. The data is a bit expensive $.01 per kb so I went for the 20GB data plan that costs $20/mo with a 1yr contract. It will be nice when I can get a prepaid sim in Europe for my iPhone that will work natively, I will save $100s. Has anyone heard if any of these companies are planning on doing that? I guess I could unlock my phone but then what happends when I get back to the US on ATT?