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  • Apple admits some iPod touch players shipped with faulty screens
    Apple this week confirmed reports that some of its new iPod touch players left its manufacturing facilities with defective screens and said the company is actively working to remedy the issue.

    Several iPod touch customers have reported that their 16GB players exhibit an issue where playback of dark video scenes is almost unwatchable, and have further suggested that Apple may have equipped the new players with screens that are inferior in quality to those used in the iPhone.

    "[S]some early iPod Touch units have had defective screens, where images appeared too dark," the Wall Street Journal's Walt Mossberg revealed in his own review of the player published Thursday. "Apple says this problem affected a small number of units and is being remedied."

    Like AppleInsider's review unit, which appears to be one of the unaffected units, Mossberg said his two iPod touch test units "displayed beautiful images." He did, however, take issue with the player's battery life, which failed to meet Apple's claims in his own tests.

    It's presently unclear how widespread the iPod touch display issue may be or what remedial action Apple will offer to customers who own affected units. Such information will be published once it becomes available.
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    1. gonzo1082's Avatar
      gonzo1082 -
      im just glad we got over the navizon post.

      i had a touch b4 i got the iphone (just got it) and it did seem like some scenes were ridiculously dark, i returned it anyway to get the iphone, would i have known i could complain about this issue i would have save the 40$ restocking fee.
    1. proudestmonkey41's Avatar
      proudestmonkey41 -
      I have this problem happen with my iphone too. I went to the apple store and they told me that there was nothing they would do becuase it was not an addressed problem and they turned me away. Do you think that now they will help me out because of the touch issue?
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Thats exactly the same thing they told me. Except for the Touch. I looked all over Apple's site and Walt Mossberg's site, and didn't see anywhere where it actally shows Apple having a response or admitting this fault. The Apple store told me I could take a hike basically. Hopefully this will clear up soon!
    1. RadicalxEdward's Avatar
      RadicalxEdward -
      I just got my touch today, last one in the store, i'm about to open it, and hopefully it doesn't have any problems.
    1. Bill69's Avatar
      Bill69 -
      maybe its because there thiner? so its not like they purposly equip them with worse screens but they just cant work as well cuz they are so thin
    1. proudestmonkey41's Avatar
      proudestmonkey41 -
      I doubt it, They changed companies that made the screen to save money because the other company could make them cheeper. Now look at what they did. Haha
    1. RadicalxEdward's Avatar
      RadicalxEdward -
      ofcourse thats my frickin luck, my screens got the negative black thing. and it's REALLY noticable. damn you apple. $400 jesus. And it was the last one so i can't exchange it.
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Yah. For all those thinking its like a "this one just isn't quite as good as the iPhone," it is not that. Its a definite issue with the product. Some have it, some do not.
    1. topdog9000's Avatar
      topdog9000 -
      For those that have this issue with their iphone what can we do? The negative black issue on mine makes it almost unwatchable!!!!
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Take it to your store, swap it out, make sure its the newer ones, with Macy Gray on the box and not Corinne Bailey Rae.
    1. marshalldid's Avatar
      marshalldid -
      I am not sure whether any of you are aware of the discrepancy that seems to plague the iPhone screen. Roughly a month ago, I saw an article charging that there may be a difference with the screen. Apparently, there are two versions: version 5 and version 7. Version 5 is said to be crisper and clearer while version 7 is said to be much granier and more pixelated. Obviously, the discrepancy is related to parts. If you run a field test on your iPhone, you can check to see which version you have. If the screen indicator starts off with the #7, you have a version 7. Likewise, if the screen indicator starts with the #5, you have a version 5. Although I talked with Apple about this matter, and although it has been documented in their customer support forums, they said there was nothing they could do at this time. Until it is internally acknowledged, Apple said it refuses to accept "speculation and gossip." I explained that this was not speculation and gossip, as I have a version 5 and my friend has a version 7. After comparing the two, there was a clear difference. I explained that I understood as a public relations matter, Apple would not be diligent in acknowledging that they used inferior parts in some phones and sold the product at the same price as those with the superior screen. I told the Apple rep to not underestimate their consumer and be more vigilant about righting what is clearly wrong. We, the customers, have made Apple a successful business. We have the power to turn that around.
    1. kelmk's Avatar
      kelmk -
      I have a version 7 screen and I have this issue but it's not that bad. I find if I tilt the phone to the right slightly maybe 5 degrees then everything looks normal. I'm really annoyed though because I had a version 5 before and had to swap it out with Apple because it stopped working.
    1. proudestmonkey41's Avatar
      proudestmonkey41 -
      I brought mine to the store yesterday and they told me the same thing they told me a month ago when i reported the problem. "Until apple sends out an official report, we won't replace the phone." Then after 45 minutes of talking with the manager (I did not get mad, just talked with him) he went out back like 5 times with my phone went on the webite with me, the one that tests lcd screens, and even read the apple press release i brought in about the ipod touch. After all that, he came out and said he would, "but just this once." haha. So after about an hour sitting at the bench, they gave me a new iPhone and the screen is perfect. So moral of the story is. Until Apple admits there was a problem with iPhone screens too, be ready to spend some time at the store, and maybe, just maybe "just this once." they will swap out you're iPhone too.
    1. dyeguy's Avatar
      dyeguy -
      lol i always had problems with ipods seriously i had insurance on mine from best buy had it for about 3 months bam screen went out this was the first 20 gig gave me a new one free of charge had it for 8 months bam screens gone. so went in they tried to fix something in it was fried i guess get a ipod video free of charge. had that for 9 months screen blew again waited about 3 months to get a new one got a new on cause again they couldnt fix it they said the hard drive was fried. so i had this one for 1 day next day i try to turn it on its busted argued with the people got a new one best buy kept getting stricter and stricter on it so finally a year later or so that one finally broke they took 5 months to fix it and when they bring it back to me its broken -.- finally after it was fixed 5 months later after it was stolen.

      in here i did not include the times i accidently broke it like when my friend put it through the washer -.-
    1. prozcrito's Avatar
      prozcrito -
      I had this issue when i bought my iphone on September 27th. I went into the Tysons Apple store in Virginia and spoke with a Mac Genius about a week later. He was aware of the problem so I didn't have to show him the articles i printed out showing him that it was widespread. He was very nice and exchanged it with a brand new one but upon testing it that evening, i noticed the same problems. I went into 'Field Test Mode' to check the LCD serial number and sure enough it's the 7xxx Series. For $400 + tax Apple needs to have a recall or at the very least, let owners exchange the iphone until they're satisfied with their product. PLEASE APPLE, FIX THIS!! Other than that, I'll wait for the software updates to fix the rest of the issues. Love the thing despite it's drawbacks. It would seem the 5xxx series are all gone so it's up to Apple to recall the defective 7xxx series or invite people in to exchange our defective ones with working ones lest they lose the growing apple/mac fan base.