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  • GPS (ish) Comes to the iPhone!
    Navizon, which just showed up in Installer, is an assisted GPS system which triangulates your location based on the cell towers you are near. Some have reported success with this, while others have not.

    I am on T-Mobile, and it is giving me an error: "Unable to locate any known cell towers". Could it only work with AT&T? Or am I just in a lame place? Your thoughts... Please post your area along with your results.

    UPDATE: Works fine on T-Mobile, assuming you're in an area it knows. Not sure yet where it gets it data, as far as where it will know and where it won't. But I went down near the Tampa International Airport, and it definitely knew that area. So it works on T-Mobile!
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    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      They submit the tower info to build out their location database.
    1. adseguy's Avatar
      adseguy -
      It worked for me with WiFi on showing where the IP address of the router was located at. You can do this on a PC using trace if you want.

      I turned Wi-Fi off and got the same errors everyone else gets.

      Word of warning: Don't miss enter the password or it'll crash.....no big deal, just letting you know.
    1. bgattis's Avatar
      bgattis -
      Doesn't work for me over Edge. I will try at home on Wi-Fi.
      Fayetteville, AR
    1. nevadadealers's Avatar
      nevadadealers -
      Las Vegas, NV

      Can't find cel tower or wifi from my home.

      Crashed when I entered my login and password incorrectly.

      Both the password and login are case sensitive.
    1. timliora's Avatar
      timliora -
      results: no cell towers/nodes in area

      Location: Greenland
    1. geoffl1's Avatar
      geoffl1 -
      I'm in Texas. On the one time it didn't give me a "cannot locate" error it showed me in Ohio. Its worthless
    1. KSpider's Avatar
      KSpider -
      Please post if you actually get this to work over EDGE...
    1. rhylos's Avatar
      rhylos -
      cannot locate in Killeen texas and fort hood Texas 76549 & 76544
    1. dcr1256's Avatar
      dcr1256 -
      ATT, same error... Suffield, CT. Will try at some point later when I'm in my home town
    1. gonzo1082's Avatar
      gonzo1082 -
      no cell towers/nodes in area

      it crashed my phone with that message on the screen.
      i had wifi off.

      portland, OR
    1. gc87's Avatar
      gc87 -
      Works on Rogers at my school in Waterloo, Ontario Canada (45 min from Toronto).

      Note: It only worked after I restarted my iPhone
    1. arponn's Avatar
      arponn -
      Results: Your location could not be identified. No known Cells or WiFi nodes in range.

      Area: Dubai - U.A.E.

      Carrier: Etisalat
    1. dpw84's Avatar
      dpw84 -
      results: no cell towers/nodes in area

      area: dearborn, mi
    1. AustinSTI's Avatar
      AustinSTI -
      It locates me on Edge in Austin Texas but its off by about 10 miles...
    1. Texas34's Avatar
      Texas34 -
      I was able to Locate me in Austin as well, but only several blocks off....
    1. SaintsPhan's Avatar
      SaintsPhan -
      Results using WiFi: Your location could not be identified. No known Cells or WiFi nodes in range.

      Location: Villanova, PA
    1. onelikeson's Avatar
      onelikeson -
      Worked for me on Wi-Fi but not on Edge, but it was off by a few blocks.

      Montgomery, Alabama
    1. revsteve's Avatar
      revsteve -
      No cell nodes -

      Denver, CO
    1. LimitedEditioniPhone_com's Avatar
      LimitedEditioniPhone_com -
      does not work for me in MN on T-mobile
    1. ebling30's Avatar
      ebling30 -
      results: no cell towers/nodes in area

      area: florianopolis, Sc - Brazil