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  • GPS (ish) Comes to the iPhone!
    Navizon, which just showed up in Installer, is an assisted GPS system which triangulates your location based on the cell towers you are near. Some have reported success with this, while others have not.

    I am on T-Mobile, and it is giving me an error: "Unable to locate any known cell towers". Could it only work with AT&T? Or am I just in a lame place? Your thoughts... Please post your area along with your results.

    UPDATE: Works fine on T-Mobile, assuming you're in an area it knows. Not sure yet where it gets it data, as far as where it will know and where it won't. But I went down near the Tampa International Airport, and it definitely knew that area. So it works on T-Mobile!
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    1. HungLO's Avatar
      HungLO -
      I'm on T-Mobile too and it failed as well.
    1. gonzo1082's Avatar
      gonzo1082 -
      it crashed my iphone because i typed in the wrong password. had to reset.
    1. alancole's Avatar
      alancole -
      It gives me the same error PF and I'm on the standard AT&T/Cingular. So not sure why. I did read that you can somehow upload readings in your area to help the system (perhaps we don't have any readings in our area?) - but have no clue how that would be accomplished.
    1. Jodiedicie's Avatar
      Jodiedicie -
      I am on AT&T as well. I get:

      Unable to Locate
      Your location could not be identified. No known Cells or WiFi nodes in range.

      I went to hit OK and it froze up my phone.
    1. itzwiL's Avatar
      itzwiL -
      Works flawless when I turn on my wifi and connect it to a spot, but I get the same "can't find cells or nodes" error when wifi is off. Btw, I'm running ATT on one and T-Mobile on my girlfriend's. Both get the same results.
    1. knickboy87's Avatar
      knickboy87 -
      I get the same error on AT&T, but it works when it's on WiFi
    1. vertu's Avatar
      vertu -
      Wifi worked for me on Rogers... but didn't work so well with wifi off. "No connection to the server..." and it hung.
    1. KSpider's Avatar
      KSpider -
      Seems pretty obvious, as it is real easy to get a location based on a wifi IP address... the triangulation with cell towers seems a lot more difficult. Expected results...?
    1. alancole's Avatar
      alancole -
      I had/have wifi on .. but it's at the office and the firewall could be blocking some ports - will try at home later tonight.
    1. jealous soul's Avatar
      jealous soul -
      no dice on ATT. same no nodes in area error. however it didnt crash.
    1. dstafursky's Avatar
      dstafursky -
      My phone is 1.0.2 and with AT&T standard.
      I loaded this application via Installer and it loaded without any problems.
      I ran the program and it asked for a username/password. Of course I did not have one. So I touched OK and it took me to their website and registered.
      I went back to the application and inputted my information.
      I had the WiFi off, it showed the warm fuzzy but would not connect. I went to the settings and turned WiFi on, connected to a known working hot spot.
      It took a while for it to connect, roughly 2 minutes, but finally showed a lock.
      The location was shown using Google maps. The location was off about .5 miles.
      Although it is not precise it is a start!!
    1. phifer8390's Avatar
      phifer8390 -
      I got no recognized cell towers or wifi points

      Biloxi, MS
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Please post your area along with your results.
    1. jealous soul's Avatar
      jealous soul -
      results: no cell towers/nodes in area

      area: kansas city, mo
    1. KSpider's Avatar
      KSpider -
      no known cell towers / wife nodes in area

      Encinitas, CA
    1. orion007's Avatar
      orion007 -
      Worked for me over edge Mobile, AL. I had to restart my phone after I installed but then it worked
    1. kelmk's Avatar
      kelmk -
      worked for me at starbucks even though I wasn't connected to their wifi. It said wifi lock. The location was dead on. Doesn't work at work though on the wifi.
    1. exoram's Avatar
      exoram -
      results with wifi on and wifi off are the same: "can't find cells or nodes"

      Morganville, NJ
    1. GreggSymington's Avatar
      GreggSymington -
      no known cell towers / wifi nodes in area

      Windsor Locks, CT
    1. ThinkandDrive's Avatar
      ThinkandDrive -
      Worked for me in downtown Baltimore.

      I wonder why they require a login. What sort of information are they tallying in exchange for this "free" servcie? Just speculating. I think it's great.