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  • GPS (ish) Comes to the iPhone!
    Navizon, which just showed up in Installer, is an assisted GPS system which triangulates your location based on the cell towers you are near. Some have reported success with this, while others have not.

    I am on T-Mobile, and it is giving me an error: "Unable to locate any known cell towers". Could it only work with AT&T? Or am I just in a lame place? Your thoughts... Please post your area along with your results.

    UPDATE: Works fine on T-Mobile, assuming you're in an area it knows. Not sure yet where it gets it data, as far as where it will know and where it won't. But I went down near the Tampa International Airport, and it definitely knew that area. So it works on T-Mobile!
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    1. Texas34's Avatar
      Texas34 -

      and fixed....
    1. HungLO's Avatar
      HungLO -
      On WiFi at the house:

      results: Unable to Locate Your location could not be identified. No known Cells or WiFi nodes in range.

      area: Tampa/Brandon, Fl
    1. Lute's Avatar
      Lute -
      results: no cell towers/nodes in area
      area: Chester, WV
    1. pengcm's Avatar
      pengcm -
      u need to set ur home location first on the Navizon website.
      there seems to be some problem with the server right now,
      more update later.
    1. zoidberg md's Avatar
      zoidberg md -
      Reno, NV

      Home wifi - no
      Airport wifi - no
      Cell towers - no
    1. EasyMac30's Avatar
      EasyMac30 -
      It doesn't recognize any towers in Atlanta.

      Fer f***'s sake...
    1. Tomer's Avatar
      Tomer -
      works for me
    1. schlagi's Avatar
      schlagi -
      i am here in vienna and navizon works.
      first i got an error, but now it works.
      some 100 metres off of my position.
    1. Mandara's Avatar
      Mandara -
      Success with AT&T/WiFi in NY.
    1. Dash-2's Avatar
      Dash-2 -
      Got it installed but doesn't work in Medford, OR on Edge or Wifi.

      I think I found the problem though.
      If you log into their website, almost every page is "down."
    1. tallnatt's Avatar
      tallnatt -
      From reading the site I believe it gets its information from Navizon users running wifi, cell, and GPS on a device.
    1. Rocketerz's Avatar
      Rocketerz -
      Newport News, VA

      No luck..
    1. SpectralVeil's Avatar
      SpectralVeil -
      On the website it looks like you need two programs if you phone doesn't have gps Navizon and Virtual Gps. Is this what is causing everyone's problems- or am I shooting in the dark?
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Don't think so. That is for something else. Works fine for me, just doesn't seem to recognize a lot of areas.
    1. nxovkin's Avatar
      nxovkin -
      I'm in Honolulu, Hawaii and it seems to fine, just a little off positioning. I'm with AT&T and my phone is also unlocked. Right now I'm at work on the 24th floor on WIFI. This is my first time trying it. Works with WIFI but not with EDGE (at work) so far, will try EGDE at a different location. Takes about 7-10 seconds to locate me. GPS has me position out in the streets on the sidewalk about 100 feet away from my building. Not bad considering I'm in Hawaii because we don't even have GPS in our cars over here or even use GPS...for the most part...surprised it even works.
    1. jordan310's Avatar
      jordan310 -
      Miami Beach, FL.
      Wifi - Off = Cannot find cell sites / towers
      Wifi - On = Cannot find cell sites / towers

      No go here.
      Ill try other spots in the city, but ... this kind of stuff makes me wonder why I even bother installing such apps..
    1. Clem-Clone's Avatar
      Clem-Clone -
      AT&T, does not work for me.
    1. Dub's Avatar
      Dub -
      In San Francisco bay area, works fine finding my locale via Wi-Fi (drove around and tried many locations), but has yet to pick up anything over EDGE. Running version 1.0.1 with same situation.

      Triangulation off cell towers is how this new Mobile-911 service is supposed to work, so it certainly should be possible for an enterprising programmer to pull that function out of the iPhone. Sounds like things are a bit off right now.

      It also is not handing over my coordinates to Maps when I tell it I want directions TO or FROM my current location. If I have to type the coordinates into Maps, how much time am I saving?

      And I saw on the Navizon corporate blog that the plan is to give this away for 14 days, then charge $24.99 for the app.
    1. Phionix's Avatar
      Phionix -
      Quote Originally Posted by Jodiedicie View Post
      I am on AT&T as well. I get:

      Unable to Locate
      Your location could not be identified. No known Cells or WiFi nodes in range.
      i got the same even with wifi on

      aliso viejo, ca
    1. abalfour's Avatar
      abalfour -
      It says that the WiFi must be turned ON (but you do not need a WiFi Network) in oder for this to work. I think it is basically doing the triangulation
      using a DB that is LEARNING as it goes on their server and just putting your location on a Goggle Map for that location.

      Maybe it will be possible in the future to go over the phone line itself to do this.