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    "Recently, Apple employee Greg Joswiak gave an interview with PC Magazine about the new iPod Touch and the Apple iPhone. In this interview Joswiak stated that Apple was taking a neutral stance on 3rd party native application development that has, and is currently taking place for the iPhone and now the iPod Touch.
    This was great news to us all.

    Unfortunately, hours after this interview was published online, Joswiak contacted PC Magazine to "update" and "clear up" Apple's position on 3rd party application development for both devices. In his follow-up Joswiak says that future software updates will most likely break native 3rd party apps.

    It is for that reason that we, the iPhone and iPod Touch community, wish to present this open letter and petition to Steve Jobs and all of Apple, Inc.

    We wish to simply ask that you do not break native 3rd party applications in future software/firmware updates. We are not asking for support for the 3rd party native apps, and we are not even asking for an official SDK. We are simply asking that you do not break the ability we currently have to create and run these native applications. While we are asking that you not intentionally break any of these "features"/abilities, we are also asking that you make at least some effort to ensure that none of these "features"/abilities break with upcoming updates.

    We see the 3rd party iPhone/iPod Touch development community as just that, a community of your customers who are gathering together to expand on, and improve the amazing and revolutionary product(s) that you have brought us.
    We also believe that our efforts only increase the "cool factor" of the iPhone and iPod Touch and only make the product(s) easier to sell. Many of us have been able to convince people we known to purchase the iPhone and/or iPod Touch by showing them the wonderful features that you have provided by default, and then sealing the deal by also showing them all the 3rd party work that is being done.

    We hope our work will bring more revenue to your company, and only ask in return that you continue to let us do what we are doing and create attractive, useful, and fun applications that make the iPhone and iPod Touch without a doubt the best product(s) of their kind on the market today and with both of our work, the market to come.

    Thank you for your time, and your consideration.


    The iPhone and iPod Touch Community "
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      lamsik -
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      Sesro1978 -
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      atlking -
      signed...."Hey teacher, leave those kids alone"
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      StrictlyBusiness -
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      steinah -
      signed again, i want to sell it now that i upgraded to 1.1.1. i'm patient but i use 3rd party apps wayyyyy more than other apps on the phone.
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      beedyb220 -
      Signed and agreed
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      acaijr73 -
      Signed, sealed & delivered................
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      pmas -
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      southsky -

      Don't follow Mac's foot steps.
    1. iAmThePhone's Avatar
      iAmThePhone -
      Theres no point in this, its obvious Apple are against the hacks after what happened in 1.1.1 and the fact they are going over the top to try and stop the iPod Touch hacks.
    1. Rooster_4130's Avatar
      Rooster_4130 -
      Signed and agreed
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      nocool -
      also singed! but i have one ? i used app tap install on my iphone did that jailbreak/unlock my phone id like to update it if possable really need an answer
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      I sign!
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      Murfunit -
      Signed x4 (Me - when it first came out, Hubby Mom and Sister now)
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      kagome -
      signed * 4 (Me - my brother - 2friends)