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  • Unlock your iphone. FREE it. Love it. bye bye at&t
    Yes geohot and his team have done it! They have hardware unlocked the iphone. Better yet, instead of making everyone wait a week like they originally said geohot has posted up the instructions.

    Click me to see the instructions
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      Quote Originally Posted by wwewwe1 View Post
      you could do that but you can't HAVE SEX WITH A GIRL
      I doubt there are very many sexually-active women who would not have sex with someone for $50,000 or even a lot less than that :P

      looks like you fail at insults.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Da Fox! View Post
      I did the needle method and works

      me too..neddles for sure . ithink the first ways of iphone interface was harder than this,,
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      danny cena -
      Too good to be true? Nope -- the iPhone software unlock mentioned a couple days ago is legit. As what seems like teams of people worked on various avenues to unlock this thing, the iPhoneSIMfree.com group was silently plugging away behind the scenes. Our own Ryan Block got together with them and demoed their wares and reports back with some detailed findings. Hit the read link for everything you need to know about freeing the Cupertino's precious.
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      if the software is legit...someone has to have it?....well HELP A BROTHA OUT!