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  • Doom on iPhone!
    Not quite fully functional (controller doesn't work, and the sound doesn't either), a working Doom port is now available for the iPhone!

    Check it out here...

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    1. r00t4rd3d's Avatar
      r00t4rd3d -
      John Carmack , owner of id Software , said at QuakeCon07 he has his peeps checking out the iphone.

      - The iPhone. Carmack wants Apple to allow its new mobile phone platform to have an open development environment. He described arguing with Steve Jobs about this, and Jobs explained to him that the closed environment was necessary to maintain "security" for the platform. Carmack flatly said (to the audience) he didn't believe Jobs.

      Regardless of his differences with Jobs, Carmack thinks the iPhone is "neat," and has assigned some of his people to look into developing for it.
    1. Tr0janMan697's Avatar
      Tr0janMan697 -
      efully that is not the big announcment because I already knew that
    1. gdonnelly's Avatar
      gdonnelly -
      what is with people and doom? We have doom for everything. (not bashing, just wondering)
    1. j0hnnyw3st's Avatar
      j0hnnyw3st -
      as quoted by urbandictionary:
      "A game which all players of Counter-Strike, Halo, Quake et al should thank for making the first-person shooter genre what it is today.

      Doom is a classic in the true sense of the word. It spawned techniques still used in First-Person Shooters today.

      Doom >is greater than> CS+HL+Halo+Quake+Unreal+G oldenEye

      All are fantastic games, but Doom outranks them all. After all, Doom is simply legendary among shooter fans, even more so than the seminal CS. Thank Doom, with its crude 2D sprites, blocky graphics and unparalleled gameplay."
    1. wottle's Avatar
      wottle -
      I installed it, but all I get is the three screens repeating over and over. Is this the "demo" they're talking about? For all I know, the Doom executale could just be displaying stored images... I was expecting the video demo. Let me know if I'm expecting too much, or if I have a bad install.
    1. Rapidfurious's Avatar
      Rapidfurious -
      So.... you get to watch doom?
    1. mofolo's Avatar
      mofolo -
      Quote Originally Posted by Rapidfurious View Post
      So.... you get to watch doom?
      Thats DOOM in a nutshell.
      Kinda like the movie... Crap.