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  • iFuntastic version 2.5.0 released
    Yep this one includes file browsing and image replacements, Great program.

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    1. jedifunk's Avatar
      jedifunk -
      is it PPC ueable yet?
    1. Jimbo's Avatar
      Jimbo -
      Am I missing a font? The text in the main window is all bolded and outlined, very hard to read. The prior version looked like this too, I'm about to go blind trying to read this.
    1. HabeasCorpus's Avatar
      HabeasCorpus -
      Just the update us lazy modders have been waiting for. Kudos!
    1. johntm's Avatar
      johntm -
      No longer do I have to strain my reumy old eyes and try to interpret unix commands foreign to me (I quit learning text interfaces when I sold my Apple IIe).

      Thank You! Donation on the way.
    1. j3d's Avatar
      j3d -
      Dammit! that program looks awesome! wish i had a Mac ....

      But I would still like to thank everyone on this site for all the helpful info...i did get to hack my iphone, install ringtones and icons, and i've got manzana....so all is okay again .

      .....But i still wish i had a Mac
    1. f00fighters's Avatar
      f00fighters -
    1. nsw's Avatar
      nsw -
      Quote Originally Posted by jedifunk View Post
      is it PPC ueable yet?
      Nope, just checked.
    1. digitalkid56's Avatar
      digitalkid56 -
      I just accidentally installed all kinds of bull using this program.. Hahaha I don't really like it.. I'll stick to SFTP.
    1. skivvie's Avatar
      skivvie -
      Excellent. Works beautifully! So long console.
    1. followyourbliss's Avatar
      followyourbliss -
      i just downloaded the app and when I click on "jailbreak" it automatically jumps to FAILED without giving me the chance to put the phone in restore mode. i dind't have this problem with the older version. any suggestions?
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Is your phone already jailbroken?
    1. BSVIII's Avatar
      BSVIII -
      WTF is the deal with this program? It put all kinds of **** on my phone that I do not want. Im dissapointed with this. I thought you guys were actually trying to help people.
    1. mrrippey's Avatar
      mrrippey -
      hey don't hate, these cats are spending alot of personal time on this. I hope youwere joking. Keep up the good work!

    1. BSVIII's Avatar
      BSVIII -
      I appreciate the work that they have done, I do. But it was not cool for the program to overwrite some of my sounds, icons and backrounds that I did not ask it for. BS
    1. mrrippey's Avatar
      mrrippey -
      point taken, maybe in the next release that should be at least an option and clearly it should not remove anything

    1. SCMedic's Avatar
      SCMedic -
      That's only if you click install on that other little thing... They go right away..
    1. iPhoneWriter's Avatar
      iPhoneWriter -
      ...add files to the phone, i.e. adding an "icon.png" file to the DemoApp. It works great for replacing existing files, but that will only take you so far in terms of creating a completely new look for your iPhone. Being able to add an "icon.png" file to the DemoApp would allow new having/creating new wallpaper.

      Don't get me wrong, I love this program and use it to tweak my iPhone almost daily right now. That said, being able to add files to the iPhone would complete the loop and allow full skinning/re-skinning using iFuntastic and not command line stuff.
    1. armadillo's Avatar
      armadillo -
      Sorry, but iFuntastic is useless for modding. It will not simply transfer your icons, but it will add a mask and there is simply no way to stop it from doing that. Even replacing the masks in the binary by transsparent pngs does not change the background color it add to your icon.png.
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      iPHUC ftw.
    1. Cheater5's Avatar
      Cheater5 -
      how do i make the background of the icons transparent after i drag them into ifuntastic? there is always an orange color behind them