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  • Version 1.0.1 is out!
    Apple today released version 1.0.1 of its iPhone firmware.

    Looks like this fixes a few Safari security flaws, and from what users are saying, also fixes the Safari stability issues. Reports also say iphoneinterface isn't working, but iFuntastic apparently does. EDIT: iphoneinterface works fine! We will check it out though, and let you know whats going on.

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    1. jrs_66's Avatar
      jrs_66 -
      Made me do a complete restore... lost all mods...sucks
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Yah. This is true.
    1. jrs_66's Avatar
      jrs_66 -
      Does the same old iphone '10 steps' and related files still work?
    1. junzmarley's Avatar
      junzmarley -
      After installing the update, I had to do a full restore loosing all my mods. When I try to go into iphoneinterface, I get the following error message.

      Waiting for phone... established.
      iPhone State: Activated
      Problem Starting AFC: -402653150

      Please help......
    1. killagain2007's Avatar
      killagain2007 -
      Ah great... This is going to suck!!
    1. jepito's Avatar
      jepito -
      the first time i booted iphoneinterface it hung after the 1.0.1 update so i rebooted the phone and tried again BANG it worked - i reloaded my mod icons and my phone rock & rolled with itunes to 1.0.1 (1c25) Kevin

      rerun jailbreak 2 times
    1. Artist701's Avatar
      Artist701 -
      Well you must install Jailbreak again and i get the message "Pairing Not Valid" plus a stupid "if jail didn't work out, give it a second chance erro"

      Someone please help us FREE our phones again
    1. bluaeon's Avatar
      bluaeon -
      for windows... after jailbreak... manzana still works... confirmed everything and i put my mods back again... just like it was before the update.
    1. LoringStudios's Avatar
      LoringStudios -
      Maybe I never noticed it before... But now when you send an email it has a cool little uploading bar at the bottom?
    1. nytrash's Avatar
      nytrash -
      iFunTastic no longer works for me after the update. I lost my mods and can't get it back.

      Note: Nevermind, it took several attempts but it finally let me back in. Whew!!
    1. LoringStudios's Avatar
      LoringStudios -
      I also had to reload all my mods =( It made me reboot and I lost some contacts I had not updated also.
      So.. Make sure before you update you backup!!!
    1. darkmeth's Avatar
      darkmeth -
      Quote Originally Posted by Artist701 View Post
      Well you must install Jailbreak again and i get the message "Pairing Not Valid" plus a stupid "if jail didn't work out, give it a second chance erro"

      Someone please help us FREE our phones again
      In my experience, this error usually means that you have pretend to activate the iPhone via iTunes. Start the activation process in iTunes and when it asks you for your personal information, cancel, close iTunes, kill the iTunes helper app and plug iPhone back in. Start Jailbreak again and it should work now.. hope this helps.. it tricked me several times..
    1. wally_wall's Avatar
      wally_wall -
      iRingtoner also works with the new firmware.
    1. ColsTiger's Avatar
      ColsTiger -
      Not much to it really. Just some security fixes.
    1. DarkKnight8779's Avatar
      DarkKnight8779 -
      My iPhone crashed when I tried to update it (post Jailbreak)

      I had to restore it in order to use it again, I guess it crashes on an individual basis.

      Be careful.

      Dark Knight
    1. moby2112's Avatar
      moby2112 -
      I did mine and it crashed but it restored. I then ran the jailbreak program and put all my mods back and works like a charm. No probs
    1. Stealth1029's Avatar
      Stealth1029 -
      Here I go... This is gonna suck.

      EDIT: DANG!!! I had to restore. All my mods down the toilet. Back to hours in photoshop. And I also lost some contacts because I didn't sync (smooooth one by me).
    1. modmyitoo's Avatar
      modmyitoo -
      First off, thanks to the many people who were willing to immediately try the update on their modded iPhones. The indications are good for those without AT&T that we can still activate the iPhone after the upgrade through iActivator or similar method.

      But, I'm wary of applying any update that may prevent an unlocking method that is currently being worked on. The message from the Dev team suggests that downgrading may not work. At this stage, Apple can probably see the direction in which unlock attempts are taking place. This may also have prompted them to install some change to render these attempts useless. Then again, they may just wait for the first phones to be unlocked and put into place their Plan B to prevent unlocking.

      Hmmmm...is it worth the minor (though important) security update at this stage? I'm not convinced it's worth throwing away my virgin modded 1.00 iPhone until the dust settles. What do others think?
    1. plmars's Avatar
      plmars -
      Can somebody figure out which files get modified from 1.0?
    1. Criss's Avatar
      Criss -
      after trying it on mine, iTunes generated an error and made me do a full restore. (i only had ringtones)

      i deleted the old firmware out of my phonedmg folder, and unpacked the new restore file. running jailbreak right now hoping it works.

      edit: use the old restore file COMBINED with the new one.
      seems to be working fine after adding the updated files to the old restore.