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  • iActivate - use your iPhone without ATT!
    Skip AT&T, and use your iPhone as an internet device and iPod.

    Check out our illustrated guide on how to use iActivate!
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    1. robocop's Avatar
      robocop -
      Trying to run Iactivate in windowsXP
      But couldnt get through
      it seems its a mac only application
    1. joerg's Avatar
      joerg -
      THANX It works pretty well !

      Next tep will be the AT&T Prepaid modification.

      By the way : the step by step instruction is missing the activation itself...
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Ha, whoops. You got a screenshot? I'll pop it up there...
    1. vintage52's Avatar
      vintage52 -

      Thank you, I get the iActivate. And my Phone is working


      I can't sync, the bluetooth file send not work.
      The iTunes 7.3.3 not sync.

      What can I do?


    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Bluetooth file send didn't work before either. No one has that.

      As far as syncing, does iTunes recognize it at all?
    1. vintage52's Avatar
      vintage52 -
      ....yes, I reinstall the iTunes and the sync is working...yahuuuu

      But, what do you think abaut GSM in Europe, and the Bluetooth?
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      The phone can't be unlocked yet, so no GSM in Europe unless you have a US AT&T acct and you are roaming, which is ridiculous. Bluetooth file transfer, its not a feature.
    1. ray103's Avatar
      ray103 -
      I am unable to get my phone unlocked. I attempted top follow the process as outlined and it is not working for me. I cannot seem to get past step three.
    1. Uko's Avatar
      Uko -
      Well... it's cool that something something is already done but I won't buy iPhone until I'll know that it can be fully unlocked.
    1. monger13's Avatar
      monger13 -
      hey guys,
      used iactivate, and after a couple tries, it worked like a charm- thanks for the instructions.

      a question though: when i sync it up to itunes, it shows my phone as having a TOTAL of 300MB capacity... any thoughts?

      also, when i do load songs/pictures on, everything seems to work ok from the itunes end, but then the songs aren't on my phone.
    1. ysevery1staren's Avatar
      ysevery1staren -
      If you use iActivate with a different sim card, is it later possible to activate the iPhone thorugh at&t and iTunes with the iPhone's preincluded sim?
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      monger- sounds like you may have used an older version of iActivate. Download the new version from our downloads section, and try again!
    1. EMoeller's Avatar
      EMoeller -
      When I start up iActivator it does NOT ask me where the firmware file is located (but I located that file within the same directory as iActivator). So I tried to connect to the iPhone by plugging it into the USB port and it gives me the error:

      Connection Error: Pairing Issue

      I have tried the other USB port (I am using a PowerMac G4 dual 1Ghz with 1.5 Gb RAM, OSX 10.4.10) and rebooting and no luck. The iPhone is a virgin 8Gb.

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.

      Thanks, ERIC
    1. pojo644's Avatar
      pojo644 -
      Quote Originally Posted by joerg View Post
      THANX It works pretty well !

      Next tep will be the AT&T Prepaid modification.

      By the way : the step by step instruction is missing the activation itself...
      i dont know if anyone has told you/ said this. the iphone can be prepaid! that is how i activated my iphone in the ATT store. if they are going to make you pay anything extra, just say you want prepaid pick your plan, if you dont say it like that, they will tell you, you cant do it. you cant use the phone card prepaid, you have to give them a bank account number to charge you every month, unless you canceled. there is no contract! i feel sorry for everyone in the 2 year contract!
    1. EMoeller's Avatar
      EMoeller -
      OK, got it to work. Regarding "Connection failure: Pairing Issues" you just have to keep trying. It finally worked for me after resetting the phone. A USB 2.0 is required.

      I then had no problem until I tried to Activate the phone. I kept getting an Activation Failed Code: -402653165

      I tried several things, and since this is a brand new phone I didn't know which firmware version I had so I tried both. Turns out the key for me was to turn the phone off then back on before Activation and then everything went well.

      Thanks, ERIC
    1. Cerniuk's Avatar
      Cerniuk -
      had same issue. Put in a provisioned SIM card and it magically worked. I clicked around quite a bit first tho.

      I have phones to activate all in all. We will see. The second one is giving me grief.

      that code can be cleared by quitting and re-runnning the iActivator application.

      I figured it out. To avoid the "Connection failed: pairing issue" problem when first trying to use iActivate, simply let it connect with iTunes. iTunes seems to open something up. In our case we cannot use iTunes Music Store from within the network so only iTunes touches the iPhone, not iTMS. Your mileage may vary. Recommend disconnecting from any network when connecting initially to iTunes with iPhone to avoid any extra Apple interaction with the process.

      Also, last work on this, I do not have the iTunes helper application running to perform the automatic connect.