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  • Haven't Activated Yet? Wait!! you could earn $$$
    We require users who are about to activate their iPhone to run a few checks for us.

    We need testers.

    Are you about to activate your handset for the first time or have another AT&T card you can activate for your handset? We need to monitor the traffic between iTunes and your phone.

    If you are using a Mac and have iChat or Skype, we will pay you $100 for the privilege.

    Reply to this e-mail if you are able to help.


    John McLaughlin
    iPhoneUnlocking.comPlease contact us at [email protected]
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    1. TomFrost's Avatar
      TomFrost -
      Take this with a grain of salt, folks -- there are more reliable sources on the internet saying that the iPhoneUnlocking organization is one giant scam.

      If you're interested in unlocking your iPhone, many more advances have been made with it. It's now possible to activate your iPhone without having anything to do with AT&T, and in just a few hours we should be able to unlock the phone as well. No need to take huge risks with a less than reputable site
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      ahh but if they really pay $100 just for access to view the traffic that would be relatively low risk to your precious iPhone. Wouldn't be a bad way to earn $100
    1. TomFrost's Avatar
      TomFrost -
      You're still giving up your IMEI *and* your SIM number though.. which can definitely be used by someone else to make their phone calls, and then your bill goes through the roof. There's a whole crapload of sensitive information in that dump!

      (didja catch that pun? Didja? MMi needed more bathroom humor ;-))
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      better to give away your imei and get paid for it than pay that unlocking site to let you give them your imei
    1. TomFrost's Avatar
      TomFrost -
      hahahahaha, well regardless, we should look forward to an unlocking solution yet tonight . I'm stoked. I'd love to go to work tomorrow and try my coworker's T-mobile sim in this.
    1. onetwo's Avatar
      onetwo -
      You and me both Tom
    1. bmai's Avatar
      bmai -
      I'm confused now by TomFrost's comments. He makes it seem like IphoneUnlocking.com is giving you $100 to unlock your phone and basically use your iPhone as a Guinea Pig. I was under the impression that there would be no unlocking taking place and that IphoneUnlocking.com would just be "monitoring the traffic between iTunes and your phone". Is there any danger with that?
    1. moond0ggie's Avatar
      moond0ggie -
      "Is there any danger with that?"

      "monitoring the traffic between iTunes and your phone"
      That sounds friendlier than what they really mean....................

      We need to perform a "Vulcan mind probe of your new iPhone".
    1. TomFrost's Avatar
      TomFrost -
      @bmai: According to the community, iPhoneUnlocking.com is lying to you -- it's a scam. They claim to be able to unlock phones, but they cannot. However, they're getting people to send them interactions between the their phone and their computer, which gives this scammer two things:

      Your phone's IMEI number
      Your sim card's ID number

      Having both of these things lets them hijack your account and make calls as though they're you. All of their charges go on your bill -- hence why this is a scam. People who do this could very likely get screwed in a very big way. And no one's confirmed actually even getting money from them.

      Again, I can't say for 100% certain whether this is true or not, since this is coming from the community at large -- but in my opinion, the risk of this is FAR too great to consider doing it.

      Best of luck, and be careful!