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  • dTunes - like iTunes, but free!

    dTunes, a new app by Richard Shearman, lets you grab all the free music you'd like, downloaded straight to your iPhone using some magic to combine SeeQPod's streaming .mp3 service and Jonathan Misurda's useful Safari Download Plugin.

    Download dTunes (available via Cydia now on the MMi repo), and once installed, tap the magnifying glass or the Search Seeqpod button. dTunes will bring up a window with Seeqpod in it - simply search for the music you'd like, and when found, tap the song.

    dTunes will bring up a download screen, and pull the .mp3 from Seeqpod's source to your iPhone. Then head back to the main screen of dTunes, and simply tap the song you'd like to hear to play it! dTunes includes a media player directly in it, so you don't have to switch applications, etc - its an all in one solution.

    And yes, it even works via 3G and EDGE. Great for when you're out and about, and hear a song you remember you want to grab at home (which I do all the time) - now you can just open dTunes and get it for free.

    Please also check out the dev's site, and send him a donation if ya like what he's done.
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    1. mariamm's Avatar
      mariamm -
      F*ck, dTunes, killed my phone. I downloaded it, and then turned it off, and it wont turn on anymoreee !!!!!!!!!!!!DDD:

    1. djdraco's Avatar
      djdraco -
      Yeah it's been going on for quite sometime. Seeqpod getting sued. I've been trying to search around for another website but haven't had much luck yet. There are other websites that offer playable searches but nothing that works quite like the ol pod. If anyone come across a solution let me know and I'll do the same.
    1. rawhog's Avatar
      rawhog -
      Just downloaded the App. There is no search button field or whatever under the search tab. Is this function already gone?
    1. NatashaP's Avatar
      NatashaP -
      Cool thanks for this dTunes...
    1. dark magshin's Avatar
      dark magshin -
      personally, i am still looking for a seeqpod alternative. has anyone found one yet?
    1. mrgaryth's Avatar
      mrgaryth -
      It seems that seeqpod is changing - I can't download any songs anymore...
    1. josv's Avatar
      josv -
      Hey guys everytime I go to dtunes and click on search, I don't get the screen where I can search for songs. If I click on seeqpod logo, it takes me to Bing... Is there another way around to download music, maybe changing the search engine??? Any info on when seeqpod is going to be up again?

    1. Josso's Avatar
      Josso -
      SeeqPod won't come back again.

      According to Wikipedia, Seeqpod got bankrupt in April and maybe later bought by Microsoft.

      A little alternative to Seeqpod could be Skreemr though I find it a bit slow.
    1. tellytel's Avatar
      tellytel -
      Can't dl torrents either. Mobile terminal doesn't work either. Hope there's a update soon
    1. josv's Avatar
      josv -
      But can I download music from Skreemr just like with Seeqpod? is there an application or site that will do that instead?
    1. hurk21's Avatar
      hurk21 -
      props thx
    1. JimmyPrague's Avatar
      JimmyPrague -
      Hi guys, that's a good app you started. What are the plans with further development? I personally would really enjoy having the option to load mp3s from the iTunes library, and maybe to have the option to view the artwork ?

      What do you think?
      Anyway, thanks and regards
    1. karenmarie123's Avatar
      karenmarie123 -
      Anyone know how to download this as an app for my iPod touch??
    1. swampzy's Avatar
      swampzy -
      It is in Cydia.
    1. jeffglenellen's Avatar
      jeffglenellen -
      Found a GREAT Seeqpod alternative called beemp3.com. Hope this helps some people out
    1. xkianushx's Avatar
      xkianushx -
      thanks bro
    1. andrewbrimberry's Avatar
      andrewbrimberry -
      Awesome. Thanks for your contribution.
    1. quicknight's Avatar
      quicknight -
      can i do this stuff w/o getting sued by the RIAA? I can't afford to shell out 3 Gs for some "free" tunes. I used to eff with kazaa back in the day, but i never UL'd, only DL'd...
    1. iphone8130hak's Avatar
      iphone8130hak -
    1. glennfields31's Avatar
      glennfields31 -
      this app is a good one but I have issues with the mobile terminal and my iPhone has not acted right since I downloaded this. considering this is a site where everyone is sharing files, it's technically not illegal