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  • dTunes - like iTunes, but free!

    dTunes, a new app by Richard Shearman, lets you grab all the free music you'd like, downloaded straight to your iPhone using some magic to combine SeeQPod's streaming .mp3 service and Jonathan Misurda's useful Safari Download Plugin.

    Download dTunes (available via Cydia now on the MMi repo), and once installed, tap the magnifying glass or the Search Seeqpod button. dTunes will bring up a window with Seeqpod in it - simply search for the music you'd like, and when found, tap the song.

    dTunes will bring up a download screen, and pull the .mp3 from Seeqpod's source to your iPhone. Then head back to the main screen of dTunes, and simply tap the song you'd like to hear to play it! dTunes includes a media player directly in it, so you don't have to switch applications, etc - its an all in one solution.

    And yes, it even works via 3G and EDGE. Great for when you're out and about, and hear a song you remember you want to grab at home (which I do all the time) - now you can just open dTunes and get it for free.

    Please also check out the dev's site, and send him a donation if ya like what he's done.
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    1. raf2996's Avatar
      raf2996 -
      How do you download dtunes
    1. Djtrong06's Avatar
      Djtrong06 -
      How do I get the dTunes icon on my home screen of my iPhone ?
    1. murl's Avatar
      murl -
      Is there a way to merge the itunes and dtunes libraries together?
    1. Blake79's Avatar
      Blake79 -
      How do I download dtunes? Please help
    1. Cougars4597's Avatar
      Cougars4597 -
    1. Alex9753's Avatar
      Alex9753 -
      Awesome but how can I hear music & download
    1. mamirza's Avatar
      mamirza -
      Hi there

      Recently announced iTunes v_10.1, is it safe to use on jailbroken iOS 4?
    1. Bklynplayboy110's Avatar
      Bklynplayboy110 -
      How do I download dtunes on my iPhone 3
    1. bballchick13's Avatar
      bballchick13 -
      How do you download dTunes??
    1. Dianeta's Avatar
      Dianeta -
    1. harrycourt's Avatar
      harrycourt -
      Many thanks to ur post. I love it.

      iphone case
    1. Eirreann's Avatar
      Eirreann -
      I wish you could sync it with the Music (iPod) app...
    1. Lewisloon's Avatar
      Lewisloon -
    1. Jannet510's Avatar
      Jannet510 -
      How do you use this app?
    1. Samashu's Avatar
      Samashu -
      How do u download dtunes on iphone 4
    1. z3r01's Avatar
      z3r01 -
      i dont think it works for iphone 4
    1. Eirreann's Avatar
      Eirreann -
      I don't think that it is iPhone 4 that is the problem, probably your firmware... you guys probably have the 4.3 OS firmware, right? Well a lot of Cydia programs aren't compatible with that yet.
    1. Kewlk1d's Avatar
      Kewlk1d -
      Is it illegal in the US?
    1. Eirreann's Avatar
      Eirreann -
      I don't see WHY it would be illegal.... I mean, most people just borrow the CD they want from the library and rip the stuff onto their iPhones anyway...
    1. Bryannguyen's Avatar
      Bryannguyen -
      How do I download it?

      Yeah I am using iPhone for, but it seems like I can't find it to download