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  • Official AT&T iPhone Accessory Lineup!
    Hey guys, our source at AT&T says some of the iPhone accessories for launch have come in! Check it out:

    The Jam Jacket is a silicone case with a spot on the back to hold your headset, made by DLO.

    The Hip Case is a sideways leather case, also by DLO.

    The Armband Case is an armband holder for the iPhone, made by Belkin.

    The Slim Fit case is a thin vertical leather holster without a top, also made by Belkin.

    All these will be available as of the 29th in the AT&T stores.
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    1. jackoD's Avatar
      jackoD -
      Wooow customized leather cases look great!! Thanks for the pictures. What I'm actually looking for is a Leather pouch which can be customizable. I've found an interesting company over Google called Fortte. Any experiences with that company? I think since measurements were shown on Apple sites there won't be any problems with a Pouch right?
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Never heard of em, although the site looks decent enough.
    1. applelover's Avatar
      applelover -
      Definetely have my eye on the hip case; that thing's on my wish list. I'm waiting in the line on the 29th at my AT&T store. Can't wait!