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  • iphone-dev announces ihazsupper
    What is the counter counting up to? -- or is it down? What is going to be there? Is this where we will see the 2.0 jailbreaking solution?


    thanks xj.archaeologist
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    1. xj.archaeologist's Avatar
      xj.archaeologist -
      Quote Originally Posted by MgNate View Post
      It's funny that they released this.

      3 days ago in their post about when they were buying their new 3G iPhones they wrote this and i quote...
      they may have, but that was then. this is now...
    1. manny0's Avatar
      manny0 -
      No clue way off topic though
    1. ebl4287's Avatar
      ebl4287 -
      Quote Originally Posted by CademiaX View Post
      I am right, they are wrong, simply push your clock up and youll see that I am right.

    1. cheekydevil1234's Avatar
      cheekydevil1234 -
      38.5 years if my maths is correct??? I love a riddle so i guess I will keep working on it but if you are looking to get to zero thats how long it would take, if not what is the "code" it is counting to? hmmmmm this is doing my head in hmmmmmm head hurting hmmmmmmm i just want my 2.0 (insert grown man crying)
    1. ALL DAY's Avatar
      ALL DAY -
      What is going on? I r teh confuzed.
    1. kddo14's Avatar
      kddo14 -
      what the ****? is woz handing down the 2.0 jailbreak secret? is he on the dev team now? that would be wicked..
    1. manny0's Avatar
      manny0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ALL DAY View Post
      What is going on? I r teh confuzed.
      looks like geohots and iphonedev = in a cripple fight for something to be released tonight, or maybe not. That something could be anything from jailbreak and/or unlock 2.0 3G and or 2.0 2G iPhone
    1. cheekydevil1234's Avatar
      cheekydevil1234 -
      if you suggest it is to count to the point of the code 13377536 it is still 38.1 years, I can not wait im 66 years old for a jailbreak, by then i will have some sort of apple chip in my head that is screened through my eye ball and my ears pick up sirus radio on their own living on the moon. For christ sake i need answers men, please..... my head still hurts
    1. JAG2621's Avatar
      JAG2621 -
      Tease! Tease! Tease!

      They are perfecting it and having fun watching you wait! It will come.
    1. mtwiford's Avatar
      mtwiford -
      wow, someone is going to hell for that!! LOL
    1. T4R06's Avatar
      T4R06 -
      its getting annoying.. just release!!! im willing to pay for a small amount of donation
    1. silver10's Avatar
      silver10 -
      Last supper meaning...it will be released tomorrow?
    1. fenix's Avatar
      fenix -
    1. eclipseballer08's Avatar
      eclipseballer08 -
      wow. u all r so impatient.
    1. manny0's Avatar
      manny0 -
      Quote Originally Posted by silver10 View Post
      Last supper meaning...it will be released tomorrow?
      how do you get a date from the theme of last supper?
    1. one1's Avatar
      one1 -
      Hmmm Apple OS X server + Apache.

    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      Quote Originally Posted by RealRitzcracker View Post
      This pisses me off!
      They waste their time making these stupid sites while they could be working on the jailbreak for a faster release.
      For all of you thinking thats jesus sucking woz ITS NOT.
      It's geohotz sucking off woz.
      AS you can see geohotz is also on the bottom of the pic.
      Geohotz works for google summer internship.
      That is Geohotz on the top sucking woz and the bottom.
      If you notice on the bottom its a pic of George Hotz pointing to his watch.

      all you do is *****!

      quit complainin!
    1. krayzie303's Avatar
      krayzie303 -
    1. silver10's Avatar
      silver10 -
      Quote Originally Posted by manny0 View Post
      how do you get a date from the theme of last supper?
      I'm just reading into things like everyone else does.

      What I meant was...it's the last time you'll have supper ie dinner before it's released?
    1. ZXMustang's Avatar
      ZXMustang -
      Please let the jail break come soon. I need my Usirius back on my 2G 2.0 iphone in the worst way.