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  • iphone-dev announces ihazsupper
    What is the counter counting up to? -- or is it down? What is going to be there? Is this where we will see the 2.0 jailbreaking solution?


    thanks xj.archaeologist
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    1. at004's Avatar
      at004 -
      Quote Originally Posted by andrex04 View Post
      Orders of magnitude (time) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      All the way up to a yoctosecond...that would make it not so long..
      lol then i got alot of units to memorize...hope it will be released soon!!!
    1. ih8vtec13's Avatar
      ih8vtec13 -
      Quote Originally Posted by reeko View Post
      lol @ wozniaks face as he's bein sucked off by some google chick / (dude??)
      I was gonna say something about that :lol:
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      Weird sh*t.....lol
    1. RealRitzcracker's Avatar
      RealRitzcracker -
      This pisses me off!
      They waste their time making these stupid sites while they could be working on the jailbreak for a faster release.
      For all of you thinking thats jesus sucking woz ITS NOT.
      It's geohotz sucking off woz.
      AS you can see geohotz is also on the bottom of the pic.
      Geohotz works for google summer internship.
      That is Geohotz on the top sucking woz and the bottom.
      If you notice on the bottom its a pic of George Hotz pointing to his watch.
    1. pexcast's Avatar
      pexcast -
      cant wait 4 the release!!!!!
    1. oogotbagsoo's Avatar
      oogotbagsoo -

      can u explain how in the heck u figured that out ??
    1. chi_towner1's Avatar
      chi_towner1 -
      i think its pretty cool the dev teams seems to have "retaliated" the yiphone with a ihazsupper and instead of counting down ie. from 10 to 0 its going up from -10 to 0 wonder who will be first though yiphone or ihazsupper (wonder if ihaz has anything to do with a jail break) either way keep up the good work dev team
    1. RealRitzcracker's Avatar
      RealRitzcracker -

    1. cranie's Avatar
      cranie -
      Quote Originally Posted by at004 View Post
      well this is if u took it as milli seconds but what if unit is smaller than milli seconds?? is there a unit less than millisecond? :S:S
      Um ..a microsecond?
    1. Iman07's Avatar
      Iman07 -
      enough of this nonsense. Just wake me up when its pwnage is available.
    1. thaztrain22's Avatar
      thaztrain22 -
      ahh its going backwords!
    1. tha_bandit's Avatar
      tha_bandit -
      explain your pic on imageshack there plz, i dont see the SECRET
    1. geoffl1's Avatar
      geoffl1 -
      yeah, its definitely aimed at geohot
    1. RealRitzcracker's Avatar
      RealRitzcracker -
      BTW yiphone.org counter ends at 12:00AM MIDNIGHT!
    1. mikeagby's Avatar
      mikeagby -
      is yiphone another way of jailbreaking?
    1. robgomz's Avatar
      robgomz -
      HAHA GeoHot is in Judas' spot!!!
    1. oogotbagsoo's Avatar
      oogotbagsoo -
      wow, you are good. thanks for the explanation
    1. robgomz's Avatar
      robgomz -
      i cant wait for this!!

      just release something!!! ill donate
    1. LukeDeFian's Avatar
      LukeDeFian -
      What's with RealRitzcracker mirrored-image?
      i couldn't get the secret.

    1. dbldare's Avatar
      dbldare -
      yiphone is just showing me play, stop, ff, rew, pause characters..... IE 7..... anyone else?