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  • Firmware Version 2.0 Officially Available iPhone + iPod Touch
    Update: The official firmware released today is different from yesterday's early leak. The filesizes of the files are different and there is a minor change in the file name. It is not clear what the differences are yet so stay tuned -- give us a heads up if you discover the difference!

    Update 2: The method to fix the ibricks made in the activation process is to leave the iphone plugged in and on for 10-15 mins. Don't close iTunes. Don't touch anything. Just leave it be.

    No longer do you have to use our early methods. You can grab firmware 2.0 straight from iTunes update for both the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Sorry touch users, as expected you have the privilege of paying for it dearly if you want to updated to 2.0. What will you get by purchasing? Well you'll get the ability to spend money on apps in the appstore, something iPhone users get for free.

    edit: BE CAREFUL while upgrading now, due to the iTunes Store having trouble staying online many users trying to upgrade their first genereation devices are ending up with bricks

    thanks ben, frycook
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    1. trevorrawson's Avatar
      trevorrawson -
      How do you do a hard restore? I used the new 2.0 link from macrumors and still my mail keeps crashing.
    1. mfulmer1968's Avatar
      mfulmer1968 -
      I order for the new firmware to show up in iTunes, you need to change the store to USA. It will show up after you change the location.
    1. Mp3Supply's Avatar
      Mp3Supply -
      Downloading http://www.macrumors.com/c.php?u=htt...FiPhone%2F061-
      4956.20080710.V50OI%2FiPhone1%2C1_2.0_5A347_Restor e.ipsw&t=1215816315

      This is the 218mb file not the 255mb file...

      Finished Download and Running iTunes & Then Shift + Click On Restore...Locating File and Then letting iTunes do its magic...

      Extracting Software...

      Preparing iPhone For Restore... (apple logo on screen)

      Preparing iPhone Software for Restore

      Restoring iPhone Software...

      Verifying iPhone Software...

      Restoring iPhone Firmware...

      -Notification It's Going To Restart my phone..prompt to plug in for iTunes to activate
      - Phone reconized and connecting to iTunes Store
      - Phone activated
      - Restoring from backup

      Restoring From iPhone Backup...

      Restore complete..phone restarting..

      - Phone is working..service..activated..a
      - Phone is sync'ing..

      Everything is good, but my mail crashes...

      I think a hard restore, entales loading a new firmware, and then NOT loading the backup data, and making a new phone, but then you will lose all your information and crap... sooo im not sure the work around until PWN releases the jailbreak app and we can access the file system and delete the mail settings.

      Deleting the mail folder and then re-adding it in the file system should work. It's most liekly the same thing that happen in earlier firmwares, where you have to delete the 'settings' that it imported over, because that is what is making it crash... that is what i presume...

      and i can't access the file system until its jailbroken.. iBrowser wont let me see anything but my pics and iTunes crap, and that is because its not jailbroken..

      Does anyone know where the backup data file is, and if u can edit that??
    1. poloplyr01's Avatar
      poloplyr01 -
      My iPhone freezes on the loading screen when rebooting after restoring my iphone and my backup wont install. any help?
    1. apummell's Avatar
      apummell -
      on my pwned 114 phone I had to set up as new phone to get to work if I tried to install backup it just stalled at boot screen .
    1. erix920's Avatar
      erix920 -
      Can anyone restore their phone? I keep getting:

      The required file could not be found

      Nevermind, you have to click restore in iTunes and when it ask you to restore you cannot cancel it.
    1. eclipseballer08's Avatar
      eclipseballer08 -
      Itunes finally let me buy and install
    1. krostad's Avatar
      krostad -
      I downloadedthe firmware from itunes but now I cant find the file..
      can someone help me?
      Im on mac by the way...

      Quote Originally Posted by Mp3Supply View Post
      Downloading http://www.macrumors.com/c.php?u=htt...FiPhone%2F061-
      4956.20080710.V50OI%2FiPhone1%2C1_2.0_5A347_Restor e.ipsw&t=1215816315
      the link does not work
    1. xIxAMxHOLLYWOODx's Avatar
      xIxAMxHOLLYWOODx -
      Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I downloaded and installed 2.0 successfully last night. installed a few apps from the app store (aim, remote, google, etc...) I restarted my phone this morning, and when I try to open the apps I downloaded they open for about 2 sec, try to load, then fail and revert back to the home screen. Its only the downloaded apps, everything else seems to work just fine. Not sure what is going on or what I should try to do...
    1. beaner4sho's Avatar
      beaner4sho -
      idk it sounds tempting to upgrade... But I'm going to wait until 2.0 is jailbroken. Then I'll upgrade ( hopefully I can still have my phone on tmobile )
    1. dhuevos's Avatar
      dhuevos -
      Has there been a solution to the Mail App crashing yet after upgrading to the 2.0 software?

      ive tried restoring 4 times already
    1. Mattfantastic's Avatar
      Mattfantastic -
      I upgraded using the leak from the other day. I was wondering... that one wiped my phone. Will shift-clicking to update to the new, OFFICIAL firmware also wipe it?

      thanks in advance!
    1. dhuevos's Avatar
      dhuevos -
      mine didnt wipe on either the leak or the official..
    1. Mattfantastic's Avatar
      Mattfantastic -
      Hmm. Yeah it sucked! I had to go and reenter all my numbers, resync all my music. Lost all my photos, and contact images. Ah well. All's good now. I'll just keep my fingers crossed.

      Yep. Wiped it again. Sigh.
    1. chicken13noodle's Avatar
      chicken13noodle -
      this is interesting since i downloaded the leaked version then it took forever for everything to download and load up definitely longer than usual but it is probably due to the file size. however after hearing the reports that the one i downloaded was intended for the iphone 3g i still dont feel the need to use the other firmware. mine currently works fine and the only difference that i believe could b seen with the firmwares is that when i use my "fake" gps on my 1st gen phone it almost does the gps of the 3g with the bounce and then zoom. also i get this different icon for when it connects to gms for internet. a blue square with a white circle. but whatever everything works correctly including mail.app. is it that important to change to the other "real" firmware???
    1. dhuevos's Avatar
      dhuevos -
      im gpnna switch to the larger firmware and see what happens
    1. Mattfantastic's Avatar
      Mattfantastic -
      Well, when I installed the leaked (larger filesize) firmware I was getting a lot of interface lag. Text messaging was very annoying, as it took a long time for letters to be entered.

      I read about it on a few web sites, and they had similar issues, and they went away when they used the officially-released-through-iTunes 2.0 firmware.

      So, I figured I'd go ahead and use it, too. And it erased everything. Neither 2.0 firmwares gave me the chance to make a backup, but oh well. It's all fine now.
    1. movalwebmaster's Avatar
      movalwebmaster -
      well for those of bricks who may worry, don't. Apple is aware that they are at fault for this and will replace the iPhone at the store ( just went today with no appointment and got taken care of, they even tried to update the iPhone and it wouldn't work so they replaced the unit) reason has Been stated, 30 + countries trying to activate at once isn't the brightest idea, bit that's apple LOL
    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      Quote Originally Posted by Happy Noodle Boy View Post
      If there was anything different, this "official" one would have a different version number. All 3G phones using 2.0 have (5A357), guess what's the version of the leak yesterday? The difference in size is probably an attribute of it not being properly pacakge for retail release aka it might have not erased unused material. As far as the OS goes, your phone ends up with the same exact files from either install.

      Also, someone working on setting up an Apple Store last night (imaging the demo models) said the firmware on the 3G phones is the one that was found yesterday and that there will be no difference with whatever iTunes throws at you.

      But hey, with so much misinformation and stupidity running rampart with such a big release, believe whatever you want to believe.
      so i was RIGHT!

      the one from thursday was a different size because,

      say it with me now,

    1. fade2clear's Avatar
      fade2clear -
      one thing i noticed ... when i downloaded the prerelease version and installed it everything worked perfectly. when i reloaded the software after the offical release alot of my apps are crashing. any one else having issues with crashing apps??