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  • Firmware Version 2.0 Officially Available iPhone + iPod Touch
    Update: The official firmware released today is different from yesterday's early leak. The filesizes of the files are different and there is a minor change in the file name. It is not clear what the differences are yet so stay tuned -- give us a heads up if you discover the difference!

    Update 2: The method to fix the ibricks made in the activation process is to leave the iphone plugged in and on for 10-15 mins. Don't close iTunes. Don't touch anything. Just leave it be.

    No longer do you have to use our early methods. You can grab firmware 2.0 straight from iTunes update for both the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Sorry touch users, as expected you have the privilege of paying for it dearly if you want to updated to 2.0. What will you get by purchasing? Well you'll get the ability to spend money on apps in the appstore, something iPhone users get for free.

    edit: BE CAREFUL while upgrading now, due to the iTunes Store having trouble staying online many users trying to upgrade their first genereation devices are ending up with bricks

    thanks ben, frycook
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    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      man i am glad i saved the pre release, and not the friday one.

      btw, i am assuming the only way to get the newest one (bigger, crashes more, whatever) is to download it thru itunes? or has a link been posted that i missed
      (and not the older one from thursday which is smaller and works fine, the big one from friday that apparently crashes apps on some users phones)

      anyone understand that?
    1. whozyell's Avatar
      whozyell -
      my iphone froze adding a theme to my fone so i wanted to restore/rebot it so it starts fresh like new .so it tells me theres a update on itunes and now when i try to rebot it.
      i see a itunes logo on the ifone and it wont let me do the 'works' on it.
      HELP !!
    1. Jasonator's Avatar
      Jasonator -
      I want it!!I need it!!
    1. sullyvan's Avatar
      sullyvan -
      i cant access the mail app. it opens then closes