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  • At&T activation servers go down
    Well it was bound to happen, many stores, both AT&T and Apple, are experencing extremely slow or no activations at all. Reports from Engadet are saying the stores are sending the people home with their new phones so they can activate it from there....which i find very interesting.

    10:32AM ET: Indeed, depending on what employee you talk to, in-store activation via iTunes is either "slow" or "down" -- but either way, they're handing you the phone unactivated, which needs to be completed by connecting to iTunes from the comfort of your home. Beware: if you're upgrading, your old SIM will be immediately bricked, so you'll be phoneless until you complete the activation!
    If you look at the screens, you can see the one crashed lol

    Follow the story live @ engadet
    iPhone 3G international launch lineblog - Engadget


    One of our own members, who happens to work for AT&T just sen tus this info:

    I work for AT&T. The reason iTunes is running slow is due to the amount of users accessing at once. Apple is suppose to be working on fixing the issue. I know this because my POS system from AT&T is displaying this as a global message.
    So there you have an official confirmation, thanks to our member sol2345
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    1. Dash-2's Avatar
      Dash-2 -
      Finally connected! Only took 4 and a half hours..
    1. sogo's Avatar
      sogo -
      Checked the servers every 10 seconds for an hour and it finally just activated!!!!!!!!
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      All of this has happened before, and it will happen again...
    1. LaZARuZ's Avatar
      LaZARuZ -
      I have no signal bars when my 3G is on but I still get calls and make calls. When I turn 3G off and edge goes on I have all my signal bars back. Wierd thought it was just me. Will wait 1 week to see if anyone have the same proplem.
    1. pilsungpam's Avatar
      pilsungpam -
      Finally after 5 hours my iphone (not the 3g) finally upgraded to the 2.0 and I can sunc with no problem! Well, except one...can't change my wallpaper! Any ideas??
    1. mikenificent's Avatar
      mikenificent -
      5.5hrs (about an hr+ ago) it finally worked.

      kinda killed my 2.0 mood lol. so tired from messing with itunes
    1. pilsungpam's Avatar
      pilsungpam -
      OMG! Its always something! Now after syncing some of the apps, when I try to open them they start and then they don't open. I am removing via itunes and then I am gonna try and download them from the app store to see if that makes a difference. Anyone else having anything like this??
    1. beachboarder41's Avatar
      beachboarder41 -
      not the ideal july 11th i was looking for
    1. pilsungpam's Avatar
      pilsungpam -
      WHOOOHOOO! Finally EVERYTHING seems to be working! Only 8 hours later!! No biggie!Hope you guys get everything working for you soon! This is the greatest site ever! Everytime I need an answer it is always here!! Thanks so much!!!
    1. rumcajs's Avatar
      rumcajs -
      got activated 3g phone..everything works exept cant open mail app,it's crashing,also cant delete mail account..any suggestions????..getting message "itunes cant sync mail accounts because iphone canceled sync"
    1. cosmoLV's Avatar
      cosmoLV -
      AnyWay... Remember these words! Activating Phone or any device throught internet is so stupid! Only Apple thinks so crazy... i dont see reason by doing this with iTunes...
      There is many simple ways to lock phone by sim, like others do - NOKIA and bla, bla, bla...
      Simple, Easy to use your sim card with previus contract with carrier who sels this phone and support that sim. Simple!
      Why this stupid system, i don't see reason...
    1. royalnewjersey's Avatar
      royalnewjersey -
      Too bad, even though most of the phones left the store unactivated (for the first part of the day) that doesn't mean they are free of a contract.

      People were still locked into the AT&T contract, the specialist picked the plans, they paid, everyone got rung out. It's just iTunes that was the problem, no one could "activate" their phones because the servers were down.

      Oh well,
      I'll stick to my 2G for now
    1. bubbleman7546's Avatar
      bubbleman7546 -
      wow thank god I haven't updated my 2g iPhone yet. Makes me wanna wait a couple weeks until I do any updating. Ah well. I'll stick with my jb'ed 1.1.4
    1. br8thw8's Avatar
      br8thw8 -
      I was a little irratated with the AT&T store(s). I went to my local one at 6am, thinking that there wouldn't be a whole lot of people in line. I was a bit surprised to see about 150 in line when I got there. Around 7:30am a manager came out a walked down the line and when he got to me I asked if there would be enough product for us in line and he said that it was no problem. Well about at about 9:30am we got word that they had about 10 or so left and I was still 40 or 50 people behind! I heard from 2 other people that had similar stories with AT&T stores. Uh, can they count? I wasted 3 1/2 hours waiting there. So I hurried down to our biggest Apple store (was told by an employee the day before that they have way more product than the AT&T stores) and when I pulled into the mall I saw the line and I knew where the Apple store was in relation to it and didn't even stop. So I drove another 20+ miles to another Apple store, one I have never been to and I heard (from the same employee) that not too many people know about this store and that they didn't run out on opening day last year! So I get there and I already see the line but park anyway. When I get in line I ask the people in front of me how far is the Apple store from where we are standing and they said it wasn't that far (I think shorter than my original line at the AT&T store). So I was estimating about 125 people or so. Well things were going so slow that it took 4 hours to get into the store, and then it took my activation over an hour to complete! Not sure if it was my Apple helper but the system on her little palm pilot thingy kept crashing and she had to either get a genius or manager or call AT&T for help. As I walked out the store I tried the map with GPS and it showed me in Pittsburgh (I actually live in San Diego), and I almost went back to the store but instead just got in my car and started driving home. I look down and it was tracking me correctly! I have to say it was quite a draining day - left the house at 5:45am and got home at 4:30pm!
    1. nokian93's Avatar
      nokian93 -
      ^^ all that commotion for a phone bro?! Come on you could have easily walked in today and picked it right up. My buddy got 2 with no problem today at an apple store. Gotta pick up a hobby or something. I'll wait till one of my buddies get tired of it and I'll buy it from them. :-)