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  • MMidget - the MMi Widget (OS X)

    Our good friend skram hooked us up with MMidget, a nifty MMi Widget. Now you can check the top news, theme launches, native app launches, and appstore app discussion all from your OS X Dashboard.

    Yes, its called the MMidget, like a tiny little MMi in your pocket. Or your dashboard.

    Take it home with you today.

    Here's a mirror if our boxes aren't COOL enough for you.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: MMidget - the MMi Widget (OS X) started by Kyle Matthews View original post
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    1. Dust Busta's Avatar
      Dust Busta -
      Good work guys!

      This is a great idea!

      With the new iPhone layout and this, It keeps getting easier and easier to keep update to date with MMi news.

      You guys are ready all the new iPhone owners!
    1. sebax's Avatar
      sebax -
      Check out the link, its giving me some error.

    1. mikenificent's Avatar
      mikenificent -
      this is cool.

      works but when I click away from the "News" section and then try to click back to it I get an Invalid Feed error.
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Good catch - updated, please redownload.
    1. skram's Avatar
      skram -
      Thanks for the feedback

      mikenificent: there was a small problem within the code. I fixed it, the link should be updated. So a simple redownload would fix the problem! Enjoy
    1. lilskaterpunk's Avatar
      lilskaterpunk -
      Good job!
    1. oldskoolkid13's Avatar
      oldskoolkid13 -
      is there gonna be one for yahoo widgets?
    1. gameviper's Avatar
      gameviper -
      can we make one for windows? lol not a widget, but just something like an .exe or something
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      Quote Originally Posted by gameviper View Post
      can we make one for windows? lol not a widget, but just something like an .exe or something
      mwuhaha *evil*