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  • Firmware 2.0 is out
    The file is called: iPhone1,2_2.0_5A347_Restore.ipsw and you can snag it from apple here http://appldnld.apple.com.edgesuite....7_Restore.ipsw

    keep in mind this is only for the iphone. Ipod touch users will have to wait a little bit longer today. Also when you go to put it on your phone, for windows users hold the shift key when you click restore so you can tell it to use the file downloaded.

    Use it at your own risk, and keep in mind if you have an unlocked phone, this will lock it, so dont install it. Your phone wont be jailbroken either.

    If you do update your phone, you can install apps now. Super monkey ball rocks, and the ebay app is very nice

    The 2.0 firmware erases every bit of data and info on your iPhone and completely installs the iPhone 2.0 firmware. So as long as you are on AT&T, you can officially use all features available on the phone.

    Your phone obviously WONT be unlocked, NOT would it be jailbroken.
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    1. redguy's Avatar
      redguy -
      Hmm...interesting thought.
      Did you had a jailbroken / unlocked 1.1.4 beforehand? And what's it's state now (unlocked/jailbroken).
    1. iPhoneRogue's Avatar
      iPhoneRogue -
      For those stuck in recovery mode, I just tried this and it seems to work. Good luck.

      I went from a jailbroken 1.1.1 to 1.1.4 and got stuck in recovery mode. Did the instructions below and then updated to 2.0 and it worked. IMPORTANT: Leave the phone attached and iTunes open until it comes back up. I think that is why I had the problems in the first place.

      Save your iPhone with recovery mode - iPhone Alley
    1. jrtek's Avatar
      jrtek -
      Quote Originally Posted by eswanborg View Post
      My install of 2.0 appeared to fail too - gave me the Connect to iTunes screen. I just forced it to restart, restarted iTunes and it was all fine - have 2.0 running - no problems.

      Have you tried just continuing without reverting to 1.1.4? You may have it working already and not know it...???
      well i tried it one more time and i didnt get an error.... hopefully it works... and before i wasnt getting the app store icon so yeah...

      Its about damn time!!!
    1. ixbilalxi's Avatar
      ixbilalxi -
      I successfully did it but if i restore from an old iphone save, my mail crashes instantly. if i do it from a new one all my contacts are gone.
    1. C1KK's Avatar
      C1KK -
      Having the same problem too with apps opening for a few seconds and then closing
    1. sullyvan's Avatar
      sullyvan -
      So is the 2.0 only for iPhone? or can i insall it on my ipod touch?
    1. OPTICS's Avatar
      OPTICS -
      Anybody having problems that make the iPhone restart after updating? I've had mine crash and restart three times already when starting up one of the apps downloaded from the app store.

      Quote Originally Posted by redguy View Post
      MAC USERS - FOR THE RECORD: I just spent like 4-5 hours trying to downgrade to 1.1.4 after an unsuccessful attempt to upgrade to 2.0.
      After dozens of failed attempts and following a bunch of tutorials, I finally had the inspiration to try on windows. Itunes was already installed on (7.6) and right after I restored in DFU mode (and got some error), I could restore in normal recovery mode.

      ALL the mac attempts failed for some reason and I tested with both 7.5 and 7.6 downgraded Itunes.

      BTW - I recovered using a 1.1.4 firmware found in this forum's wiki (firmware download links).
      I don't know if you had the same problem I did, but when I first tried to update I had an error, so I was forced to restore, the 2nd attempt was a success. I think the reason why it worked was the extension of the file. Instead of ending with .ipsw.zip, delete ".zip" and it should work, it did for me anyways.
    1. ixbilalxi's Avatar
      ixbilalxi -
      Okay nm my contacts problem is gone. I restored to an older save and then synced with outlook. Then i restored as a new phone and synced with outlook merging the account in the process.

      So i have a fully working 2.0 with monkey ball, remote, facebook, and jolt so far.
    1. toyvan's Avatar
      toyvan -
      Updated itunes to 7.7 and it tells me that 1.1.4 is the current iphone firmware..?? anyone else experience this?

      duh, I feel like an idiot! I'll remember to read next time...thanks!
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      Apple has not released the 2.0 firmware in itunes yet. If you want it you have to use the link provided on the first post.
    1. Philbert's Avatar
      Philbert -
      Quote Originally Posted by toyvan View Post
      I call your bluff!! why don't you just tell us all here? no need to keep secrets!
      That's just what I was going to say, there's no reason to not say it right here if you're going to be typing it up (maybe multiple times) anyway.
    1. oops1975's Avatar
      oops1975 -
      Firmware 2.0 issues.
      I upgraded to 2.0 this afternoon and I stared having some issues this evening. All my contacts just vanished, They were there after I upgraded to 2.0 this afternoon but suddenly an hour back they just vanished. Before upgrade, I had 1.1.4 jailbroken but not unlocked..... I am restoring it now.. let see what that does.....
    1. DuRo's Avatar
      DuRo -
      Why NOt Just Wait to Tomorrow ?
    1. oops1975's Avatar
      oops1975 -
      And I got all my contacts back.... I just have re-install all the free appstore apps which I downloaded.... but everything else is good....
    1. HORTON16's Avatar
      HORTON16 -
      how do i put it on the phone

      i downloaded it but now what?
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      Quote Originally Posted by HORTON16 View Post
      how do i put it on the phone

      i downloaded it but now what?
      Assuming you read the very first sentence of the first post which has the link for the download, I suggest you try to read the next two sentences as they tell you how to install it.

      (On windows, hold shift and click restore, then point to the file you just downloaded. On mac, press whatever button it is mac presses and do the same thing)
    1. Synergy37's Avatar
      Synergy37 -
      i had 1.1.4 jailbroken, then i did a fresh install of 1.1.4, then i went to 2.0. while i was on the jailbroken iphone i had customize installed and now i can not change my background. anyone else getting this?
    1. gmpv's Avatar
      gmpv -
      well guys i got the itunes 7.7 and i download the file from the link in the first page but when finish zip it self i put my iphone in dfu mode i press the shift key but i can't find the file the file said restore at the end of the file i change the i add ipsw nothing happens i unziped and nothing happens i try everythink i know with not luck help i want the new firmware thanks guys!!!