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  • White iPhones Unboxed at AT&T

    Well sort of, you get to see the white iPhone box, but no white iPhone shots

    Enjoy the vid

    [ATT videolog via Gizmodo]
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    1. Sadow's Avatar
      Sadow -
      Damn!!!.....that was serious.
    1. Sirhc35's Avatar
      Sirhc35 -
      That's the same thing I wan thinking. She was not messin' around. Straight to lockup.
    1. monstermac77's Avatar
      monstermac77 -
      I'm really surprised nobody's like broke into an AT&T store and taken 20 iPhones and sold them early.
    1. ajrulez's Avatar
      ajrulez -
      What the...just one lock there's some brutal WMDs inside....need at least 10 locks lol
    1. iRoach74's Avatar
      iRoach74 -
      Wait... I don't get why the white iPhone has a black iPhone on the box. ???
    1. chancre_scolex's Avatar
      chancre_scolex -
      Quote Originally Posted by iRoach74 View Post
      Wait... I don't get why the white iPhone has a black iPhone on the box. ???
      The white iphone only has a white back. The front on both looks the same.
    1. sdmojaydo619's Avatar
      sdmojaydo619 -
      Damn thats sexy! :-D
    1. jayc7176's Avatar
      jayc7176 -
      carefull with that boxcutter ! u almost cut my box
    1. Dash-2's Avatar
      Dash-2 -
      I was hanging out at our AT&T store today.
      And they DEFIANTLY didn't bring it in through the front door
    1. mikeagby's Avatar
      mikeagby -
      im getting a white one!! wahoo!! cant wait!!!!!!!
    1. klingelhofer101's Avatar
      klingelhofer101 -
      For a moment there, there was magic in the world.
    1. hozay09's Avatar
      hozay09 -
      Ugh.. I enjoy that store's layout. My store is the the old @ss at&t wireless design before cingular came into the picture
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      I hope they get more phones in stock... those will sell out in the first hour!