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  • First there was Sirius, now there's XM on the iPhone

    This program is brought to you by the same guys that brought you the uSirius beta. The program is still in beta but i havent had any problems with it, I was able to log in and stream with no problems. I did notice a few of the channel logos didnt load but thats ok. You can find it on installer if you dont want to wait til the 11th when XM offers there own portable version in the app store. The company is called Millard Software. Also it goes without saying you need an XM subscription to use this app.

    Oh and it does seem to work okay over edge, which is neat, so says I.

    originally posted by MirrorMind
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    1. wannagotopopeyes's Avatar
      wannagotopopeyes -
      This is great. Its only a matter of time we get some form of mobile TV on the iPhone, the development is incredible!
    1. Sparblaze's Avatar
      Sparblaze -
      Why does it crash everytime I finish loading a channel?
    1. Iman07's Avatar
      Iman07 -
      doesn't work over tmobile edge for me. Anyone else having this problem? I don't understand why more apps dont support edge. If you have unlimited Internet then I think it should work regardless of how slow. I'm no dev and I'm sure its difficult to implement but it makes the app so much better.
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      works over cingular edge for me just fine
    1. m3thodandr3d's Avatar
      m3thodandr3d -
      If it crashes when the stream finishes loading, change the file permissions for the app to 777 instead of 755.
    1. Daddi's Avatar
      Daddi -
      Works over Tmo Edge where I'm at but each time closes out the application completely after about 10 mins. Otherwise ,cool app!
    1. flounder21's Avatar
      flounder21 -
      I cannot get it to work for some reason....put my username and pass....and unable to log in everytime...I am on 1.1.3....is there another version that you have to be on?
    1. Iman07's Avatar
      Iman07 -
      hey daddi, lol, what edge plan are u on? The $20 or $6 hack? Works great over wifi.
    1. flounder21's Avatar
      flounder21 -
      Bingo!!! Problem solved!!! Works like a charm!!! Thanks