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  • firmware 2.0 on June 27th, no OTA music downloads, AT&T to fine non-activators...
    Looks like we could get 2.0 as early as June 27 same day the app store is looking to open. And according to a report from Reuters, the company will penalize customers who buy a phone but don't activate within 30 days, which falls in line with their aggressive new push to lock users into a contract

    Here are some sources for y'ah:
    Apple - iPod touch - Features

    iPhone to cut into AT&T earnings until 2010 | Markets | Markets News | Reuters
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    1. lor443's Avatar
      lor443 -
      well i replied to this from my phone so yeah thanks 4 letting me know though!
    1. ronzo's Avatar
      ronzo -
      wouldn't that discourage people from buying the phone? Even though I have no plans of buying one, I think I would take my business elsewhere just for the fact they are trying to force me into something I don't need. If this is the case, instead of saying "only $200!" They should also have to include the price of the plans,activation in their advertisements. "Only $200 and an arm and a leg by the time you get to use it!" They act like their doing you a favor by lowering the price, but they get you on the back end because a plan can end up costing you $100 a month.
    1. ripped53's Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by lifesmymachine View Post
      pictures yes, documents and files no
      thanks for the info. Still don't understand why they're not opening to the file system.
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      laz305 -
      how are we going to upgrade to 2.0 on our jailbroken iphones?
    1. cory's Avatar
      cory -
      I don't understand why everyone is freaking out over at$t might charge you extra if you dont activate in 30 days. All of us were ready and willing to pay $600 for the first gen. after all is said and done (and this is just a guess) $300 for the 16G phone the ETF of $175, $80 for the first month so far your up to $555. Even if there is another $100 thrown in there by at$t trying to get you where the sun don't shine, is $650 really all the bad for a Gen 2 16G iPhone? Really, all of us expected to pay something like this before all this came out. Look at the "fine" as a way out. You end up paying full price for the phone, and you have no contract. Thats what I expected things to be like.
    1. iPhoneMadness's Avatar
      iPhoneMadness -
      Can't you just buy the phone online then take the fine and end up with an iPhone with no contract?

      You're already paying hundreds less than the new iPhone, so another $100 dollar fine shouldn't hurt too much.

      $299 16gig + 100 (random estimate) fee = $399. $399 for a new 3G 16 gig iPhone. Not too bad.

      That's if you can buy the phone online, which I think you can since it's already up on the Apple STORE. At least that's what I'm HOPING for lol.
    1. Atokadd's Avatar
      Atokadd -
      Im happy I bought my iphone when I did
      ( im a tmobile user )
      Other than the faster speeds, and the Gps, the 3G is worth nothing to me.
    1. Ethan021's Avatar
      Ethan021 -
      lol, that would be really funny if someone walked in slammed 300 or 200 dollars on the counter took the iphone and ran
    1. thinkpadx60's Avatar
      thinkpadx60 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Hagge10 View Post
      This just killed the worldwide iphone community.

      The thrill of cracking and the exclusivity, everything that the community was built upon

      now the iphone is just another phone.
      I've been running the Beta 2.0 firmware.. and it Fantastic.. If You think that This is Just another Phone ... You dont have a CLUE..
    1. surfer01's Avatar
      surfer01 -
      All you have to do is buy the phone activate it then back out of the contract within 30 days thats what I plan to do theres no way im going to pay more money for 3g I would rather stay on t-mobile with edge I use wifi way more than I use the network anyways no reason to sweat anything att is just trying to scare you because they know if we unlock they loose big this time
    1. thetoetagger's Avatar
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      Quote Originally Posted by Jasper44 View Post
      This isn't a text message. You can type your words out.

      I don't know how any of us can sit here and act like we know what we're talking about. I have no idea what I am talking about either but you can look at the facts and make a somewhat educated guess, and mine would be that they're going to be making you pay a shitload more than a $175 ETF. The first phone we had to pay full price on which was $600. That also included Apple getting a portion of the monthly fee. If they didnt get that portion we may have paid upwards of $800 for it. Now that the phone is being subsidized by At&t, we only have to pay $200 but with Apple no longer getting a percentage of the monthly fees you can bet your *** that At&t is paying top dollar to Apple, hence the $10 a month increase in the monthly plan. There's no way At&t is going to let people buy phones for $200 and unlock it or use it on some media net plan like people are doing now, without paying a huge amount of money to them first. All they have to do is take your credit card when you make the purchase and if it isn't activated with an iphone data plan within 30 days, boom $400 charge on your card. And if you don't want to give them a card they'll just tell you tough ****.

      Aren't the pre-paid versions of iphone 3G going on sell for $799 and $899 for 8G and 16G models, respectively? If this holds true, contract terminators may be looking at a $600 credit card charge. ...rather than around a $400 one. Time will tell i suppose
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      heshammd -
    1. Swayne001's Avatar
      Swayne001 -
      Does the 2.0 firmware upgrade make the current iphones as fast as the new 3G iphones will be?
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      No. 1st-gen iPhones don't have the 3G chip, they're stuck with EDGE/Wifi.