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  • Apple posts new iPhone TV ad for the 3G iPhone

    Normally a new ad isn't really news - but man is this iPhone sexy.

    watch the ad
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    1. graytman's Avatar
      graytman -
      u didn't watch the keynote or listento it live.....
    1. acer1981's Avatar
      acer1981 -
      FAKE!... the phone says 9:42 PM not AM.... nice try Steve.

    1. Roughneck18's Avatar
      Roughneck18 -
      Looks pretty much the same lol. Black back prolly means plastic. Small price cut right'der.
    1. Bleeditout2130's Avatar
      Bleeditout2130 -
      Damn.....just had to watch it again.

      Less than a month away!
    1. krayzie303's Avatar
      krayzie303 -
      Quote Originally Posted by serge619 View Post
      yeah i think i just pee'd a little...
    1. micodese's Avatar
      micodese -
      Quote Originally Posted by tc3jg View Post
      i want to know how much it will be with out a contract. As i want to get it and use it with out a contract with At and t because i already have a cell provider just want to use the iphone as an ipod and all its other features with out the calling part.
      It's called Itouch