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  • iPhone 3G is OFFICIAL and $199 - flush headphones, black, metal buttons, same screen
    Apple announced today the 3G iPhone.

    Photos from Engadget, Mac Rumors, and Gizmodo:

    Some features:
    built in GPS
    black back, new design
    5 hours 3G talk time
    7 hours video playback
    10 hours 2G talk time
    300 hours standby

    I'll be updating as we go.

    $199 for the 8GB model, $299 for the 16GB model - launch date is July 11

    edit: Apple and AT&T stores are confirming that the 3G iPhone will be sold for $299 and $399 without contract (for 8 and 16GB, respectively), and $199 and $299 with a contract.

    edit again: source proved to be completely false, sorry.

    The 16 GB model will also come in white.

    The Apple store, which was down earlier, is now showing pictures and has the page up for the 3G iPhone.

    Apple has posted more pictures in their gallery for the 3G iPhone.

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    1. mikenificent's Avatar
      mikenificent -
      apple store is back up if not already posted. has 3g iphone up there.
    1. iPhoneMadness's Avatar
      iPhoneMadness -
      Quote Originally Posted by ecnovaec View Post
      just went to the apple online store and saw the white one. very sexy!!!! perfect timing, i've thrown mine around so much the vibrate button has broken
      Yea surprised it's up now. Looks sexy.

    1. esko032's Avatar
      esko032 -
      Based on iPhone 3G (8GB) and first-generation iPhone (8GB) purchases. Requires new 2-year AT&T rate plan, sold separately.

      From the apple store
    1. ks503's Avatar
      ks503 -
      Im curious about the whole AppStore thing...

      I like downloading my apps for FREE off installer, not paying for them through itunes.

      Will we be able to still download them for free on new iphone? If so, will there be the same apps as appstore?

    1. liquidcool's Avatar
      liquidcool -
      damn thats cheap...everyone is gonna get one now
    1. disisgustavo's Avatar
      disisgustavo -
      they dont come with docks anymore though
      also not really digging the plastic, plastic always looks cheap, especially on cell phones. man i wish i could have all the features (3g and gps mainly) on the current iphone.
    1. nycdiplomat's Avatar
      nycdiplomat -
      ill be sticking with my 1st gen. not worth it IMO for tmobile customers
    1. emacboy's Avatar
      emacboy -
      gota say i'm disappointed. sure it's a little bit cheaper but all they're giving us is a slightly quicker data connection, better battery life and new back panel colours. no secondary camera for voice chats?!?! that's what 3g is all about! i had planned to sell my hacked 1st gen at the end of the month but if that's the case might as well just stick with it.
    1. zsuns's Avatar
      zsuns -
      Cant wait to get it!! =]
      My dad was a little iffy about letting me buy another iphone, but once he heard it was $200 he said definitley =]
    1. awaadster3's Avatar
      awaadster3 -
      iPhone 3G will be available in the US on July 11 for a suggested retail price of $199 (US) for the 8GB model and $299 (US) for the 16GB model in both Apple and AT&T's retail stores and requires a new two year contract with AT&T for qualifying customers.
    1. addybgrilla's Avatar
      addybgrilla -
      The camera was the deal breaker for me, if it had been better than the current model then i'd have sold my 16gb iphone and upgraded to the 3G one, but now I guess i'll wait for next Jan for the updated iphone with better camera ( I hope! )
    1. jingbronw's Avatar
      jingbronw -
      new iphone looks great and all but where is the 3g video calling one wicked feature the phone should have . . . although the gps and the pice is nice . . . i would wait too for a camera update and video calling . . .
    1. Kembond's Avatar
      Kembond -
      Currious as to weither the data rate plan will change because of the 3G.
    1. tyfly867's Avatar
      tyfly867 -
      Cheap Cheap! Im so excited! I just sold my unlocked iphone for $510. But I have to live without one for over a month. oh well ill have the new iPhone and an extra $200. I win in the end.
    1. Daddi's Avatar
      Daddi -
      Quote Originally Posted by ALL DAY View Post

      July 11th for serious? That's a long time... lol.

      And yeah, while $200 is good for the 8GB, this is probably going to make the iPhone the new Razr... Long live jailbreaking, though. That may end up being the only way to differentiate from everyone else's.
      Ugh...that's the first thing I said when I first heard the $200 price early this morning. Of course, business wise it makes sense but I liked that the fact that most people I knew didn't have an iphone.
    1. chrissurra's Avatar
      chrissurra -
      Any word on if the iphone plans through att will remain the same or if they will be higher?
    1. reeko's Avatar
      reeko -
      seriously, these prices have got to be by getting a legitimate contract. there is no way you can walk into an apple store like before, buy one and walk out....

      so so so so cheap
    1. Drakenza's Avatar
      Drakenza -
      So who wants my iPhone? THE SAME iPhone used for testing iDemocracy...?
      I'll even Pwn it for you (with iD3.1, of course).

      Just kidding, it's not worth selling... I'm keeping my iPhone to ***0r until it's dead, and will use the iPhone 3G for actual... you know, iPhoning.

      Off-topic: MobileMe's logo is a beacon of hope and truth amongst the evils of the world. (Simple English: It's purrrdyy).
    1. rickatsd's Avatar
      rickatsd -
      I don't know why everybody is so excited after it's been announced. It's definitely cheaper but aside from 3G and GPS, I don't see much improvements. well, for me cheaper iphone is not a plus.. sorry just to address some thoughts.
    1. fayth22's Avatar
      fayth22 -
      So its using A-gps is that any different then navizon or locate me? Does it have a new chip installed or is it just using high speed google maps software?