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  • MXTube - Download YouTube Vids to your iPhone

    MXTube, created by 16 year old Max Weas and Pumpkin, lets you search YouTube and download the videos directly to your iPhone. Supports multiple downloads, and works a treat.

    Good job guys.

    Last I checked Max's site was down, but its www.mxweas.com.

    Available via Installer.
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    1. alan_g's Avatar
      alan_g -
      i could'nt see this on installer

      sorry just found it
    1. eddie817's Avatar
      eddie817 -
      Nice! Wat i wanted! First post! (i think)
    1. loocfa's Avatar
      loocfa -
      awesome wotk man,
      and only 13, wow,
      when i was 13 we only had action men, and maybe a bmx,
      keep up the good work, who knows soon you might take over apple.
      this app works perfectly.
    1. luiz's Avatar
      luiz -
      woow....i already posted this, but if u look at my sig, its my favourtie app!!
      except that it crashes alot
    1. Dust Busta's Avatar
      Dust Busta -
      cool, I can't wait to get it a try!

      I tried it out and it crashes a lot!!!

      I also keep getting " this movie could not be played"
    1. teshxx's Avatar
      teshxx -
      guys i have to say great job...one question though is that any way i can dl the full (WIFI) version thru edge ??? i know it would take a long time but personally i don't care i have unlimited internet so will taht be possible ??/
    1. ipodtouch-freak's Avatar
      ipodtouch-freak -
      thats more than awesome !!!!
      it would be coool if you can watch the videos in the ipod video folder like the other videos and sync it with itunes.
      i hope they will implement that feature soon
    1. b-ballstyle's Avatar
      b-ballstyle -
      Nice fuk*in appp dude
    1. teshxx's Avatar
      teshxx -
      yo freak...u can always ssh and dl to ur comp ...
    1. 2Jaze's Avatar
      2Jaze -
      Keeps crashing when I search videos.
    1. wPz's Avatar
      wPz -
      great app
      tried last night and works nice
      crashes somethimes
    1. Switch07's Avatar
      Switch07 -
      trying to use this app right now, but whenever I try and download something (wifi or edge) it only stays in the download section for a second then goes to videos. Then when I try and play it, it says "this movie could not be played"
    1. bhz1's Avatar
      bhz1 -
      cool, I can't wait to get it a try!

      I tried it out and it crashes a lot!!!

      I also keep getting " this movie could not be played"
      I had originally downloaded both quality videos, yet only one would play randomly either low or high quality. I deleted and started over. I seem to have better luck if I just choose a single quality to download. I also noticed that certain videos cause the app to crash and not download, others download and play fine.
    1. jakeasdel's Avatar
      jakeasdel -
    1. ipodtouch-freak's Avatar
      ipodtouch-freak -
      Quote Originally Posted by 2Jaze View Post
      Keeps crashing when I search videos.
      make sure that your wifi is on if not it crashes like described
    1. nycdiplomat's Avatar
      nycdiplomat -
      i am having a similiar issue but i can download a movie about 17mb big and it downloads about 2 mb and then crashes and when i play it it plays up to the point it downloads and then stops. i assume this is a bug that needs to be worked out or do i need to try to download a smaller video..this app is hot from what i can see though
    1. mixer911's Avatar
      mixer911 -
      ah! it crashed and sent my iphone into recovery mode.. recovering right now as i type this... i liked this app until it did this lol.... btw i was on wifi when it crashed so... yeah
    1. Jncominco2's Avatar
      Jncominco2 -
      mxtube sent your phone into recovery mode?...idk why, but i have a very hard time believing that
    1. ewokcwalk's Avatar
      ewokcwalk -
      IM SO EXCITED.. i downloaded clips from Totally Awesome with Tracey Morgan.. hahah
    1. alucardunit1's Avatar
      alucardunit1 -
      this has go to be the best thing that has come out lol