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  • MXTube - Download YouTube Vids to your iPhone

    MXTube, created by 16 year old Max Weas and Pumpkin, lets you search YouTube and download the videos directly to your iPhone. Supports multiple downloads, and works a treat.

    Good job guys.

    Last I checked Max's site was down, but its www.mxweas.com.

    Available via Installer.
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    1. mhansaq's Avatar
      mhansaq -
      Quote Originally Posted by elsgk2 View Post
      I'd try to search for the original MXtube, then SSH-it back into the phone.
      I searched everywhere on the net and the only one i could find was 1.0b
      do you know old a source where i can find the old version.
      thanks for replying to my question.
    1. Hamm's Avatar
      Hamm -
      Were do I down load it
    1. anuraj6662000's Avatar
      anuraj6662000 -
      Hai I want to download mxtube in my I phone
    1. Kaelynb1's Avatar
      Kaelynb1 -
      How do I download it?Where is it?I want it on my iPod touch 8g

      Its probably 3 yrs later
    1. Lilaznboy21's Avatar
      Lilaznboy21 -
      How do u download mxtube for iPod?
    1. shadab_am's Avatar
      shadab_am -
      can somebody help...