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  • What's Not Inside Mysterious Box
    But its fun to look at anyways. If you didn't understand the title this has been deemed fake.

    [via gizmodo]
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    1. Sparblaze's Avatar
      Sparblaze -
      I think those look real, but I can see how you think it's fake. We just have to see tomorrow. Yay 2.0!
    1. zauriel's Avatar
      zauriel -
      The site these pics come from indicates for the pic of the black-backed phone that it's a "variant" (translated from French, it says: "And the back of the iPhone, in another variant!"). It's a possibility and has been rumored that Apple might provide variations of the phone, including color. And yes, it would make sense for Apple to make the iPhone like the iMac, with flat black on the back and aluminum on the front. I'd be surprised if that wasn't one of the options.

      But look, the point is not to prove to anyone that this is the new 3G phone. I think many of us are just trying to point out that there's nothing definitive that says this is a fake (yes, despite everybody's amazingly robotic eyes that can discern the most minuscule of angles, the exact type of material, and just about everything else that would make them shoe-ins for a job in forensics). And if it's not definitive, then it's wrong to immediately label this as "debunked" as this post did. Unless the person who created it comes out and admits it, it's not debunked.
    1. Mars478's Avatar
      Mars478 -
      You use some pretty cool words right there lol
    1. ianormok's Avatar
      ianormok -
      dam read through all of you guy common NOOO one know for sure it fake or real and when it will be released. I have been waiting for the 9999999 th of Juuuuuune but did'nt see anything for sale or 2.0 firmware release.

      the box said do not open till 10 of june in America? so i am here in Australia have wait till dam 11th of june is that rigth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Thannnnkssssss anyway for info
    1. Sparblaze's Avatar
      Sparblaze -