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  • 3G Iphones have been found in CA
    It seems Forbes have found them at the warehouse and took some pics of the imacs as well.

    Here are some iMacs

    Forbes Brian Caulfield, who's been tracking the mystery phones' progress from China to the U.S., thinks he knows: They're in a Quanta Computer warehouse in Fremont, Calif., an industrial town near both Apple's Cupertino HQ and the Oakland port. Note to blogosphere: Brian has sussed this out by both making phone calls and leaving the office. Check out his awesome shoe leather reporting:

    It seems that whatever Quanta is moving lately is keeping their facility packed. Outside, the roughly 168,000-square-foot facility boxes were piled in one parking lot in the early summer sunshine. Distinctive white boxes labeled "iMac" and bearing the Apple logo were stacked 10 deep alongside 20 pallets of identical unmarked brown boxes roughly stacked 10 deep and four abreast.

    The real action, however, took place behind the building--and could only be seen from the parking lot of an adjacent company on the other side of a shallow creek. Workers hustled to maneuver pallets of the brown boxes around trucks from FedEx and Advanced Logistics. The area was crowded with more than a dozen empty trailers from "Xtra Lease" and others.

    All around the trucks, workers wheeled around pallets of the plain brown boxes, some using forklifts, others with hydraulic dollies. A security guard working for the company across the creek from Quanta's facility approached this reporter before a thorough survey could be made.

    Inside Quanta's building, workers weren't answering many questions. If you ask to see the new iPhone an employee calls the shipping supervisor. "Chris is really, really busy right now--he can't talk to you," the receptionist answered.

    The plain brown boxes could contain almost anything, of course: Apple's mysterious new tablet computers, new Apple notebooks, even a product for one of Quanta's other customers. Or the boxes could be bursting with dozens of the stylish cartons Apple wraps around its iPhones.

    Pictures taken of the boxes from a public sidewalk with a digital camera weren't good enough to pick up shipping labels or any other telling details.

    While Chris was busy we did manage to catch one employee at the end of his smoke break. "Are you with a magazine or something?" he asked as he noticed a reporter, notebook in hand, coming his way.

    Are the new iPhones inside? "No, no," he said, before flashing a grin and heading back into the building. "If so, I'm not at liberty to discuss it."
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    1. HaiLong's Avatar
      HaiLong -
      lol i think that this post just paved the way for a break in lol.
    1. .:MirrorminD:.'s Avatar
      .:MirrorminD:. -
      funny you should say that because here is my source http://www.alleyinsider.com/2008/6/w...nt_calif_aapl_ and within 10 minutes the page is gone, i didnt even get a chance to steal all the pics lmao
    1. flattop95's Avatar
      flattop95 -
      imagine if someone just grabbed all those boxes, haha
    1. DoerrFan's Avatar
      DoerrFan -
      I would have tried to take off with a box haha.
      Sure a bit of time in prison, but imagine how much those will sell for
    1. Stealth1029's Avatar
      Stealth1029 -
      Quote Originally Posted by DoerrFan View Post
      I would have tried to take off with a box haha.
      Sure a bit of time in prison, but imagine how much those will sell for
      Me too. It's completely worth it.
    1. liquidcool's Avatar
      liquidcool -
      haha i wish i could take a box home.
    1. rasbill's Avatar
      rasbill -
      stalking is creepy
    1. erix920's Avatar
      erix920 -
      I love the shots from the thickets lol
    1. Sullivan0930's Avatar
      Sullivan0930 -
      10 guys with .50 cal snipers watching those boxes.
    1. cajun1689's Avatar
      cajun1689 -
      is being a T-mobile user i plan on buying mine the first day that they come out. But what about being able to unlock them. Do we know for sure that they will be able to be unlocked?
    1. .:MirrorminD:.'s Avatar
      .:MirrorminD:. -
      Quote Originally Posted by cajun1689 View Post
      is being a T-mobile user i plan on buying mine the first day that they come out. But what about being able to unlock them. Do we know for sure that they will be able to be unlocked?
      no one really knows for sure until they get it, but chances are yes.
    1. kriffer's Avatar
      kriffer -
      i love apple, there so mysterious
    1. coldbud's Avatar
      coldbud -
      i live in fremont lol
    1. maly00's Avatar
      maly00 -
      Let it rain let it rain, lol
    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      yeah if anyone gets an imac or any other apple product in the next couple months that suddenly craps out on ya, now you know why.

      heat damage!
    1. cajun1689's Avatar
      cajun1689 -
      i know that in time they will be able to be unlocked but i sold my iphone in order to buy this one and i can't live without it.lol sounds gay but i hope it is able to be unlocked that day!!!!!!!
    1. parkertseng's Avatar
      parkertseng -
      Normally if they release new iphone in the convection. Are we able to buy them at the same day?
    1. rstuvwxyz's Avatar
      rstuvwxyz -
      i wouldve knocked him the hell out,dropped a corny movie line like "smokin those will kill you", took his clothes and security card, snuck back in covering my face like i was tryiing to light a cig and took over the whole damn factory with no gun.....

      or just stood outside the gate flashing cash...."oops did i just drop $500, actually thats not mine i think its yours"
    1. Rescuer's Avatar
      Rescuer -
      3G iPhone: Will It Be Better Than Sex?
      Posted Jun 06, 2008 05:14pm EDT by Aaron Task in Electronics, Telecom, Newsmakers, Products and Trends
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      The mania is building, as Apple fans prepare for big news on Monday. Steve Jobs is expected to unveil a new 3G iPhone at the company’s Developers Conference in San Francisco. We spoke to gadget lovers on the streets of Manhattan and did a comparison of what the iPhone is likely to offer versus its top competitors.

      One of the burning questions for Monday: will the new 3G phone really cost as little as $200?
      3G iPhone Will It Be Better Than Sex: Tech Ticker, Yahoo! Finance

      LOL at their headline
    1. yowiphone's Avatar
      yowiphone -
      I think they're the new iphones.