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  • Looks like its about time for 3G
    Awhile ago i posted a screenshot of apples online store showing out of stock for the iphone, well as of today look who else is. Only good things from here on out

    large pic link
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    1. huntor's Avatar
      huntor -
      what happen to the "black" option?
    1. bubly123's Avatar
      bubly123 -
      omfg!!! I was just looking at the same exact thing, and then i went to modmyi.com and i was like wtf? I thought my browser froze, thats is extremely creepy!! LOL
    1. .:MirrorminD:.'s Avatar
      .:MirrorminD:. -
      Quote Originally Posted by bubly123 View Post
      omfg!!! I was just looking at the same exact thing, and then i went to modmyi.com and i was like wtf? I thought my browser froze, thats is extremely creepy!! LOL
      we're quick like that That's why we are the best iphone site
    1. esko032's Avatar
      esko032 -
      Wow its definitely happening
    1. Happy Noodle Boy's Avatar
      Happy Noodle Boy -
      I really, really, really hope FW2.0 and AppStore come out on the 9th too. I'm not getting the new phone but I'm dying for apps.
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      excellent. i just wish i could afford one of the new ones, no matter what the price is. because i have a feeling i won't be able to get crap for mine after monday.
    1. bigbuckz's Avatar
      bigbuckz -
      All sold out here in UK too

    1. boorahdurukan's Avatar
      boorahdurukan -
      Looks to be a good time to sell my phone and wait for the 3g
    1. kadinh's Avatar
      kadinh -
      Quote Originally Posted by boorahdurukan View Post
      Looks to be a good time to sell my phone and wait for the 3g
      w3rd. especially since a lot of ppl still dont have a clue about the 3g yet, it would be a good time. i just hope it is under $500. please please please!!!
    1. rudi's Avatar
      rudi -
      Unless there's GPS, I have no real reason to go to the new model (and at that, I'd still want a great reason to "upgrade"), I mean after all, the new software will get pushed to the first gen as well. 3G isn't a big deal breaker for me, is it really for everyone else? Is that the only reason people seem to be getting so excited and talk about selling their iphones? I have the first gen 4Gb model on 1.1.4, and when I use playlists properly I've really no need for any bigger space that that... (cept for all the apps i have).
      Don't hate for giving my opinion, just hit me with the facts (other than 3G) for you wanting to upgrade...
    1. huntor's Avatar
      huntor -
      theres a slim chance that it'll be under 500.
      i bet it's gunna be something like 500 for the 8g. and 600 for the 16g
      though it wouldnt surprise me if i was off 100$ on each.
      i'll stick with the 8g considering i'll never be able to fill the 80g iPod i bought yesterday..
    1. liquidcool's Avatar
      liquidcool -
      oo i cant wait
    1. Jay316's Avatar
      Jay316 -
      I've stated in previous posts that 3G for non contract people is kinda pointless. For me I'm on Orange Pay As You Go, EDGE is like 1 a minute. So 3G really doesn't interest me. As for a GPS, I like the idea but I've just got a TomTom G520 so again, doesn't interest me. Software and Apps I am VERY interested in, bring on the appStore.
    1. angelvsqz's Avatar
      angelvsqz -
      I have the ipod touch on 1.1.4 and I've thoughts of buying the 2nd Gen iPhone but I'm on T-mo so I'm not sure about that yet. I'm only insterested on GPS but 3g not so much since t-mo does not have it yet
    1. pospower's Avatar
      pospower -
      I personallly am hoping for 32gb. I heard that 8gb is bye bye it will be 16 and 32 only for 3g. We will see.
    1. hybrid_fx2's Avatar
      hybrid_fx2 -
      with the (pending) arrival of the 3G iPhone, Would this cause 1st gen iPhones to decrease in price or stay the same - from apple as well as resellers?
    1. FliP76's Avatar
      FliP76 -
      I cant wait for it, i sold off my beat up 8g for 350 a few days ago and have been lugging around my old blackjack (yawn). I miss my iphone so much i might camp out in front of ATT sunday night just in case. I will be in total awe if it actually does release monday and its been kept this much of a secret.
    1. ///Maybach's Avatar
      ///Maybach -
      I cannot wait. I've sold 1 iPhone, 3 more on ebay right now

      3G here i come!!! i just hope i dont have to use my old brick of a phone for more than a day, i am already having iPhone withdrawls...
    1. shadowhacker27's Avatar
      shadowhacker27 -
      some ppl think about the 3g capability only, but what they dont think about is about all the different applications that would be better used like the essential Chat, followed by p2p programs that would use ur 1.5Mbps speed or maybe faster... Also the ability to access ur mac or pc from "literally" ANYWHERE and tranfer big files faster. And many others.. So for those of u who r not yet convinced about why 3G is useful, let me know just one reason 3g is not useful for you. Period.

      P.s.. Do not mention the battery, thats obvious...