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  • Wireless Sync Anyone?
    While everyone cares about 3g, GPS, exchange, MMS, and many other various features I have kept my fingers crossed for one thing. Wireless Sync.

    The image above brings me hope. Gizmodo reader Jozen found images for the iPod Touch and the iPhone Leapords CoreBundle after the recent 10.5.3 update.

    What does this have to do with wireless syncing you ask? All the other devices included in the resources are devices that can be connected via Bonjour which could possibly indicate that wireless syncing will finally arrive!

    [via gizmodo]
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    1. Imahottguy's Avatar
      Imahottguy -
      Sweet but my iPhone does a lot of its charging whilst syncing...

      Oh yeah and btw, First! :-D
    1. liquidcool's Avatar
      liquidcool -
      hm i wonder if the transferring is going to be slow
    1. bluaeon's Avatar
      bluaeon -
      man, i checked this site at approx 5pm PST with no news, and im checking it now almost 1am PST, and theres too much news about the iphone. whew, this means im not going to bed again until maybe 3am the latest. LOL!

      back to topic:
      wireless sync... finally, this means that i dont have to bring the USB cord along with me? cool!!!
    1. exekias's Avatar
      exekias -

      refressh my noob memory, how does bonjour operate?? via bluetooth? ssh? or wifi or other,

      man i hate windows
    1. MattMac's Avatar
      MattMac -
      Yeah, sounds freaken awesome. Hate having to unplug the iTunes cord from my dock and the wall every time I wanna sync. This will make life so much easier.

      But can someone give us an over view of Bonjour, I don't really know anything about it... What does it use, I'm assuming WiFi?
    1. desepticon's Avatar
      desepticon -
      bonjour is just a way to network computers without having to change any settings. I assume it can be over wifi, bluetooth, or any protocol.
    1. Apple iPie's Avatar
      Apple iPie -
      Would be AWESOME
    1. jfmsam's Avatar
      jfmsam -
      Wireless Sync: Maybe useful for the occasional update of your Contact, Mail, Calendar and small playlist but I see it counterproductive to consider it as the main alternative to not traveling with your USB cable; specially if regardless you will eventually need to charge your device. (praise to Apple's initiative to build a screen that will charge your device... that is true mobility.)

      Bluetooth is too slow to sync medium to large sized playlists. Forget movies. If you use it for too long your battery will also suffer.

      WiFi is an option but power hungry at high 802.11 G speeds. Not to mention that performance beyond 5.5 mb/s is highly unreliable due to the overwhelming interference in the 2.4Ghz frequency. 802.11 N is more power hungry regardless the frequency you are operating.

      I had expected Apple to promote more actively their .MAC services by integrating them better with the iPhone through over the air sync or Push of .MAC contacts, mail, files, etc...

      As it is, the latest iPhone OS 2.0 beta 6 seems to have all the features that will be confirmed on June 9th. Making the current 2.0 stable enough and Enterprise ready has been a challenge for Apple and it still needs some fine tuning. I don't have high hopes they will surprise users with unannounced features.

      Wireless sync may be in the pipeline but we may have to wait for there are other pressing features that Apple missed on the upcoming release that need to be addressed asap. Then again, I might be totally mistaken and we will all be surprised this monday.
    1. Geekmommy4's Avatar
      Geekmommy4 -
      You know, wireless syncing is something that I LOVED about my Treo, but I really haven't missed much. It would be nice when my USB cord is in another room (like by my bed when I charge it at night), but it just isn't really that big of a deal to get it. It seemed important enough before I got the iPhone that it was on my list of reasons to wait get the iPhone at first. Glad that I did it anyway! ;-)
    1. Charlie708's Avatar
      Charlie708 -
      I have been wirelessly syncing my iPhone for a while now. It is really easy under Linux with a jailbroken phone. You can do it by mounting your iPhone via an SSH file system. Check it out:
      iPhone and Ubuntu - Ubuntu Forums