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    Sorry about that, had a bit of a server and code conflict. I just got off a plane and found some wifi to bring everything back online.

    Don't worry, ya'll aren't all banned
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    1. massimo23's Avatar
      massimo23 -
      I thought i was banned because of a link that i gave to a user, of no harm.
      Didn't know what to do even sent a mail to admin.
      About resetting the modem, tried with no luck, it only changes the last numbers of the IP.
      Only way is to use my_space-proxy?, it worked like a charm. say no more or else i will be banned
    1. rstuvwxyz's Avatar
      rstuvwxyz -
      i have some other sites that i visit, so after sending my email and a couple of inbox refreshes(10-12) i just started floating around like daaaaaaamn MMI WAS THE BEST.

      I REALLY started to panic when i got off my wifi and used my iphone edge ...."how the hell is my iphone ip and home ip both banned, did somebody steal my identitiy, did i log on at a store/friends house"
    1. LeathaFace's Avatar
      LeathaFace -
      I must admit I cried a lil bit
    1. wingedfoot26's Avatar
      wingedfoot26 -
      thank god

    1. Imahottguy's Avatar
      Imahottguy -
      I guess all I can do now is try to pick up the pieces of my life, and live day by day- day.. by day..
    1. yeahitzdat's Avatar
      yeahitzdat -
      thank goodness! =)
    1. diem0n's Avatar
      diem0n -
      Man... That was very funny, I even sent u a message. I thought it was apple's diversion someone hacked our favorite site and banned all and everybody... The second thought was about admin after case of bear decided to go offline with every modmyir... I tried everything, chenged my ip, other pcs... I thought what's next? Selling my iPhone..?
    1. Zeal's Avatar
      Zeal -
      I was wonder what the hell i said to get banned AGAIN..............
    1. pacmac's Avatar
      pacmac -
      when i found out that i got block..i was like WTF i do.....so i put myself in a ''induce coma'' i cant live /breath with out the site..but im aware now..thank god..
    1. Colorado Steve's Avatar
      Colorado Steve -
      Man I thought the same as everyone else, "what did I do?"
      Glad to see that everything is back on track. For one night I was worried for my iPhone future.
    1. wearmaize's Avatar
      wearmaize -
      After trying to access MMi from my iPod and my Mac, even after changing my IP Address with Tor, I was still blocked. Luckily, I made a thread over on another forum. Even nonregistered people said they had been "banned!"
    1. King Chronic's Avatar
      King Chronic -
      Was I the only one that was not banned? (Sorry if someone asked this, I only read page 1 so far)
    1. amandej's Avatar
      amandej -
      Man I thought drunk took over the site.....damn lol
    1. usrbin's Avatar
      usrbin -
      now i have to apologize to my nephew, i was like, what the heck did you post from my account..... LOL
    1. k wizzle's Avatar
      k wizzle -
      How about you make a thread and post all the messages you received pleading for our accounts back lol ... remove the usernames of course
    1. Broomhead's Avatar
      Broomhead -
      I think he got around 4,000 e-mails
    1. mrbones123185's Avatar
      mrbones123185 -
      man i was scared too i like man what did i post that was wrong thanks for getting unbanned
    1. LeeDude's Avatar
      LeeDude -
      Thought I said something derogatory, which wouldn't be out of the ordinary, but I definitely thought I kept it clean on MMi. Without MMi, i'd be a lonely filthy disgusting cave-dwelling sun-deprived hermit. Not that I'm not one now, but at least I have MMi. I'm all about cracking and customizing, and between MMi and Xbox-scene, my life is complete.
    1. blacksti's Avatar
      blacksti -
      Well that is nice to know lol i was worrried!!
    1. shadowhacker27's Avatar
      shadowhacker27 -
      WOW, even though I don't post a lot,I would have died if I get banned for real..I mean, I depend too much on Modmyifone's info updates..I can say that I wouldn't know what I know today if it wasn't for what I have seen here, keep the good work going on man...