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    Sorry about that, had a bit of a server and code conflict. I just got off a plane and found some wifi to bring everything back online.

    Don't worry, ya'll aren't all banned
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    1. Dash-2's Avatar
      Dash-2 -
      Funny joke Cash.

    1. lifesmymachine's Avatar
      lifesmymachine -
      haha i had the same reaction as you all.. i was like oh man what rule did i break?? i dont know what i would do without my daily mmi fix.
    1. LSZ33's Avatar
      LSZ33 -
      man i thought i was banned for a second. That was up there with the april fool's joke remember? Then i tried from my laptop & it was still banned so i knew better at that point. Good one!
    1. cursive08's Avatar
      cursive08 -
      dont mind my message lol.
    1. dooley19's Avatar
      dooley19 -
      Quote Originally Posted by ultimatexpka View Post
      i was going to hack this site O.o
      lol, yeah we was going to come up with a jailbreak..lol
    1. powa's Avatar
      powa -
      lol i did send in a msg to the admin asking why i got banned =)

      got me worried for a while
    1. maritimeswimmer's Avatar
      maritimeswimmer -
      oi mateni was sooo freaking scared lads cos I check this site a hundred times a day to see what's new with our community so once my ip was banned I was like WTF mate have I done something wrong eh lads?

      Well thank Godo can login again eh! And btw I feel like this is my extended family cos we are all here for one same motive with different opinions
      but with only motive which is to make the iPhone better!!!!

    1. ianhutch1's Avatar
      ianhutch1 -
      hahaha thank god, was worried then
    1. Apple iPie's Avatar
      Apple iPie -
      Quote Originally Posted by dooley19 View Post
      LOL I did too!!

      you only have one post! lol, it shouldn't bother you too bad like the people who have hundreds of post. lol.. its like we lost our family!
      LOL Exactly,but we ALL started with ONE post,lol
      cash7c3,was a good one...
    1. DarkMirc's Avatar
      DarkMirc -
      Is that the only way you can ban me by shutting down your server lol NOOB next time you do that i will put CAMEL in charge lmao
    1. ifini's Avatar
      ifini -
      Woo hoo!!!
    1. SupahDave's Avatar
      SupahDave -
      Quote Originally Posted by Aiyo View Post
      haha that was awesome
      No, actually that sucked
    1. bhz1's Avatar
      bhz1 -
      Thanks! I happened to be on the site and had just made a post. I then went to read another thread and wham. I wondered WTF? What did I just post like the rest of you. Tried from my other system and same but even though the individual PC's have unique IP addresses, anything going out of my router will show as the same originating IP so that wouldn't have changed anything.
    1. wePhone's Avatar
      wePhone -
      I thought someone in my apartment had used my WFi and came here and became screwy.
    1. kainisable's Avatar
      kainisable -
      damn i missed it!!

    1. Alperovich's Avatar
      Alperovich -
      Quote Originally Posted by woowoodengy View Post
      man i was just about to get up and unplug my modem to get a new ip saved me a trip out of bed
      i tried that actually and was still banned. however logging in from my iphone with wifi off, it was fine. I was all like WTF last night!!
    1. wePhone's Avatar
      wePhone -
      When you reset your router it only changes your last digit, which makes you still banned.
    1. ma5t3rw1tt's Avatar
      ma5t3rw1tt -
      Oh thank god. I had just logged on and it said I was IP banned and I was freaking out. Its fixed now. Nice quick update
    1. Brownie2k's Avatar
      Brownie2k -
      Thank god it was only a server error! I was thinking to myself all last night what i'd said on here lol! It's good to be back
    1. spaxx's Avatar
      spaxx -