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  • AT&T Stepping up their 3G Game
    My biggest gripe with AT&T and the iphone was speed. When i switched from an iphone to a HTC 8925 or as AT&T calls it the "Tilt" i was blown away how fast it was. The 3G alone was decent speed but the new standard is HSDPA and HSUPA. It isnt available everywhere but the areas it is, boy is it sweet. Here is some info from a news article that made me make this post:

    AT&T has announced that it will have completed a country wide rollout of its HSUPA 3G service by the end of June. We're guessing that a little voice from Cupertino might have been hurrying AT&T along. You know, just like AT&T boosted EDGE speeds last year on the iPhone's launch day
    The network offers theoretical speeds of 1.4 Mbps down and 800Kbps up

    Source: AT&T Confirms High Speed Rollout In Time For iPhone 2.0 | Gadget Lab from Wired.com
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    1. graytman's Avatar
      graytman -
      no body saw the 3g on the network coverage thing I did
    1. ipicazo's Avatar
      ipicazo -
      It's about time AT&T has done something about the Edge slow net speeds.

      But do I HAVE to buy a 3G in order to get the service or can i just stick with my regular 16gb?
    1. freedomoath's Avatar
      freedomoath -
      Well see, my internet connection is supposed to make some heftier connection speeds and doesnt, and yes I am close to the relay station etc... I believe the 3g speeds when I see it. I trust it will be faster then Edge obviously...
    1. jksponge's Avatar
      jksponge -
      Dumb question.... will my current IPHONE be able to take advantage of the 3G speed by just turning on Wi-Fi, or do I need to get a new IPHONE? If so there's going to be lots of phones on Ebay in a couple of weeks!