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  • 3G iPhone - June 9th

    We've had rumors, rumors, and more rumors, but now "someone very, very close to the 3G iPhone launch" has confirmed the 3G iPhone will be released June 9th at the WWDC Keynote.

    International users will have the phone within a few weeks of the US launch - not the previously rumored end of '08. Also notable, the iPhone will (at least in some countries) NOT be selling at a fixed price anymore, which means end users can get discounts based on signing contracts, adding data plans, etc. This is a good thing for those of you signing up with the Apple-sponsored carrier, but not so good news for us rebels (gotta have my T-Mo ). No word on how the Apple stores will be handling the fixed price vs subsidization pricing, but perhaps they'll have a set price, and AT&T will offer some sort of rebate with proof of activation. That is IF Apple carries the non-standard pricing to the States.

    Those of wanting to jailbreak/unlock the 3G iPhone need not worry - it looks like the launch of it will coincide with the 2.0 firmware, which hints it will be running said firmware. And 2.0 is already jailbroken/unlocked. A 3G modem may necessitate a fix on the unlock to work, but shouldn't be a major hurdle. Mod on, good people.

    via Gizmodo

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    1. Broomhead's Avatar
      Broomhead -
      Sweet news
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      what will it look like?!!!!
    1. alex2k10's Avatar
      alex2k10 -
      Nice!!! cant wait
    1. Cherrysoda_zx's Avatar
      Cherrysoda_zx -
      So i'm guessing that the firmware will be release on the same day as well?
    1. Emir S.'s Avatar
      Emir S. -
      Since 2.0 FW and 2nd gen iPhone are to be released around pretty much the same time, doesn't that imply that aside from 3g, there isn't anything we can expect from the new device in terms of functionality and features?

      Seems like a cheap way of squeezing more money from the same old featurless phone.
      Lets be realistic. How many would still use the current iPhone if you were stuck with stock apps only?

      Guess we'll know shortly what's in store for us.
    1. Dan0609's Avatar
      Dan0609 -
      Right on my birthday!! sweetness
    1. bluetube's Avatar
      bluetube -
      Quote Originally Posted by jaredb03 View Post
      You should have got some, i got two of them and made about 150 bucks each on eBay unlocked.
      I still wish I would have gotten one. I saw them while I was at work and figured they would still be there when I got home but I was wrong. Oh well
    1. bts0uth's Avatar
      bts0uth -
      So, anyone know what the price is gonna be? Still 8 and 16GB only?
    1. erix920's Avatar
      erix920 -
      Hopefully they do do that 2-year contract thing to lower the initial fee. $300 or lower would be excellent, with a 2-year contract of course.

      Still no word on the data rates for 3g?
    1. lawson-lad's Avatar
      lawson-lad -
      Quote Originally Posted by bts0uth View Post
      So, anyone know what the price is gonna be? Still 8 and 16GB only?
      i can't see them bringing out a 8gig when they just killed that one off on the 1st gen iphone
      so my guess would be 16 and 32gig
    1. parth_patel_4311's Avatar
      parth_patel_4311 -
      my dad works for apple as a marketing guy, he said that when they were making a commercial for it that they hadn't made that many changes, but it is more user friendly/comfortable
    1. MetallicaFan1991's Avatar
      MetallicaFan1991 -
      Do u rekon Apple will make u go on contract thru itunes or in store?
    1. iBlade's Avatar
      iBlade -
      Here are some pics I found on the web. I do not know how true they are.
    1. angelvsqz's Avatar
      angelvsqz -
      Man it seems like this is goin to be my first major purchase right out of high school!! Oh yeah baby the iPhone will finally replace my iTouch
    1. ChAoS aCiD's Avatar
      ChAoS aCiD -
      Ohhhhh Goood What Are We Going To Dooo?!?!?
    1. DoubleD's Avatar
      DoubleD -
      June 9th would be a great launch date, as it gives them almost a full week of Father's Day selling on it.
    1. pingwhen's Avatar
      pingwhen -
      if there is no rebate for having one already then I don't care about 3g
    1. 02589's Avatar
      02589 -
      Hurry up and buy them to make Apple happy. I'm waiting for the 32gb model right after these sales start to decline. Okay, that's still in the rumor mill. It's enough that I'm betting on it.
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Quote Originally Posted by pingwhen View Post
      if there is no rebate for having one already then I don't care about 3g
      Of course there isn't. Do you go to Apple when you buy a new laptop and say "can I get $200 off? My OTHER computer is an Apple too..."

    1. jiggajuggawugga's Avatar
      jiggajuggawugga -
      i can't even wait lol. i just put my phone on ebay I WANT A NEW PHONE MOWWWWW. haha

      so if i keep my sim card from my current iphone, and then plug it right in to the new 3g iphone will it continue to work? or whats the low down...
      buy a new contract with a new sim card and just throw my current simcard down the drain? i'm confuzzled