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  • Tap that iPhone - Use this Stick

    The iPod Touch/iPhone PEN by BrightonNET is a slick product which acts as a stylus for your device.

    It also has a clever bendable tip which allows for easy scrolling/dragging on the iPhone as well. That's a smart idea, BrightonNET.

    No word on pricing or availability yet, but BrightonNET does retail their products on Amazon, so you'll probably see it there when they release it for retail.

    Also notable - BrightonNET should probably hire a new translator, heh, check out these effective warnings from their site:

    • Please do not strongly beat a screen. It cause the trouble.
    • We cannot take responsibility for all about the trouble of the main body at the time of this product use.
    • Please be careful to opening a letter time of a package and openings after opening a letter enough.
    • (Please do not touch it with a hand, a finger.)
    via Gizmodo
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    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      Quote Originally Posted by abalfour View Post
      I'm assuming that you pressed the "Quick Post Reply" key before you could finish your post.
      what makes ypou say that? i said exactly what i wanted to say.

      Quote Originally Posted by abalfour View Post
      To reason being...I have absolutely NO idea how it is done...
      and if you have no idea, then why are you questioning me?
      there are multiple layers electro conductive film under the lcd.
      the pressure of your finger allows the films to touch and make a connection.
      was it really that mysterious. we all saw the youtube tear apart and explanation. thats why i thought it was funny he thought it was only heat sensitive.

      what did you think? apple uses magic and fairy dust.

      dumbass. mind your own business. i wasnt even talking to you
    1. abalfour's Avatar
      abalfour -
      I wasn't trying to disagree. I honestly wanted to know if the iPhone/iTouch screen was "Pressure" sensitive ONLY or does it have multiple methods.

      I thought this was suppose to be a forum for discussion and not for slamming?

      Your last quote "dumbass. mind your own business. i wasnt even talking to you"...

      Perhaps I was wrong.
    1. tsatryan's Avatar
      tsatryan -
      Truth is, it's not either pressure or heat. The iPhone is not like Windows Mobile phones, which ARE pressure sensitive. The iPhone screen is glass. You better hope you aren't pressing it hard enough to make it bend - particularly enough for precise touch. The glass would crack.