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  • Live TV and Video Chat on iPhone 3g
    So if you haven't already heard, there is going to be a 3g iPhone released sometime in June, what you may or may not know is there are some cool features expected.

    Gizmodo is reporting that there will be both mobile TV and Video Chat on the new iPhone on the Swisscom network.

    For those of us here in the US on AT&T we can expect similar features. While we can already watch live TV through awesome third party apps like Orb, you need to have special software installed and be on a wifi network. With the 3g iPhone coming out Orb will most likely work decently over 3g, but I'm looking forward to AT&Ts mobile TV service.

    AT&Ts current mobile TV service is a step above all the competitors here in the US. TV is about the same all around, watch the latest news, shows, and sports at any time. What AT&T does better is movies with their movie channel letting you watch full movies over your phone.

    On the other side of things videoconferencing seems exciting as well. With a little camera on the front the 3g iPhone will allow you to not only hear your friends, but see them as well while having a conversation (if they have a cool video chat capable phone of course .

    edit: videoconferencing might not be on the US model, apparently AT&T has a history of neutering video chat capable devices
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    1. ryan christopher's Avatar
      ryan christopher -
      even more excited for the 3G now, thanks for the info
    1. rianbattle's Avatar
      rianbattle -
      that's kinda cool...i guess. i would probably appreciate it more if i used orb already, i guess lol.

      what gets me, though, is that apple is putting video chat and mobile tv on the new version of the iphone...and we still don't have mms messaging from apple lol. swirly works for those not legit through at&t, but those of us who are can't even use that last i heard(please correct me if i'm wrong lol)
    1. bschucher's Avatar
      bschucher -
      All this yet no mention of simple MMS?? WTH
    1. Apple iPie's Avatar
      Apple iPie -
      Yep,I cant wait.. Thanks for the info though...
    1. boorahdurukan's Avatar
      boorahdurukan -
      Yeah some MMS would be better.
    1. .:MirrorminD:.'s Avatar
      .:MirrorminD:. -
      I wouldnt get your hopes up on video conferencing. Its a known fact that most over-sea telco companies usually have this as a standard feature but its US counter-part is always lacking it. Best and newest example is the HTC 8925 that had it, but when AT&T got a hold of it they called it the tilt and removed the front camera. Cingular/AT&T is notorious for doing that, so i wouldnt count on video conferencing at all.

      EDIT: forgot to mention, video conferencing isn't cheap either they would have to come up with video conferencing packages for videoconvo/minutes since that is how it works. Not unless the article ment video calling which in that case would be really choppy not unless they came out with an HSDPA iphone model that can truely support video calls
    1. Dust Busta's Avatar
      Dust Busta -
      I like how the picture shows the old iPhone and not iPhone 2! lol
    1. Cody Overcash's Avatar
      Cody Overcash -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dust Busta View Post
      I like how the picture shows the old iPhone and not iPhone 2! lol
      lol its the Orb pic
    1. Marasmus's Avatar
      Marasmus -
      Video conferencing through mobile phones is a flop.
    1. Hagge10's Avatar
      Hagge10 -
      video calls is free here in europe, pretty boring actually lol

      you americans are so 2004 :P
    1. sedjav's Avatar
      sedjav -
      will the battery keep up?
    1. Tomer's Avatar
      Tomer -
      Quote Originally Posted by Hagge10 View Post
      video calls is free here in europe, pretty boring actually lol

      you americans are so 2004 :P
      so true, when i moved to the U.S. i thought they would have better phones than the ones we have (in Israel).. but no...
    1. jibaro3's Avatar
      jibaro3 -
      I keep my Orb is free for a year in Directv
    1. Squid7085's Avatar
      Squid7085 -
      Apple wouldn't let it happen. They aren't going to let big bad AT&T tell them what to do. As it stands, it looks like Apple told AT&T what to do. They have a lot of pull, if Apple wants Video Conferencing on their phone, they will get it. Apple has every right to say "Well Verizon will let us" Also, looks like my Mobile TV question was answered. With all this stuff, the phone better have a heluva battery.

      Quote Originally Posted by Marasmus View Post
      Video conferencing through mobile phones is a flop.
      So were a lot of other things like Web Browsing and Listening to Music before the iPhone. :-D
    1. alexrz619's Avatar
      alexrz619 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Hagge10 View Post
      video calls is free here in europe, pretty boring actually lol

      you americans are so 2004 :P
      hahahaha niice...
      i think the maxx v6 had that option in europe cause i bought an international one and there was an option to video call..

      but that on the iphone? i feel its going to be very expensive on ATT.
      unless someone hacks the **** out of it and makes it available for other carriers
    1. alex2k10's Avatar
      alex2k10 -
      pretty good... i was thinking about giving up my iphone;(
    1. ralph franco's Avatar
      ralph franco -
      if u have a pic of the new iphone in the case you could see the frontal camera on the top right its not the macbook pro in the back it looks like a camera attached to the iphone if u look closely.
    1. david agustin's Avatar
      david agustin -
      kind of cool and im getting one for sure but what i dont like about the iphone is that we cant send or receive pictures with the text whats up with that
    1. Magnum's Avatar
      Magnum -
      theres already a video chat app on the iphone...for jailbroken phones...
    1. Turanli's Avatar
      Turanli -
      videoconferencing is shitbull... i have had 5 phones capable of that but i never really used it... maybe 4-5 times a year....