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  • iPhones iPhones Everywhere, Oh my
    It has been announced, the iPhone will be officially sold in countries all over the world. Vodafone has announced that they will be selling the iPhone in ten countries. They fail to give a time frame or any real details except for the country names:
    • Australia
    • Czech Republic
    • Egypt
    • Greece
    • Italy
    • India
    • Portugal
    • New Zealand
    • South Africa
    • Turkey
    And those lucky folks in Italy are going to get a choice jealous between carriers since Telecom Italia (TIM) has announced that they too will be selling the iPhone. Oh and if you're curious, TIM also didn't provide any real details.

    [MacNN via marketwatch]
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    1. tattoojack's Avatar
      tattoojack -
      welcome to the world of iphones!

      i have alot of friends who had to have an iphone after they saw mine, so i helped them all get a used one and then i unlocked them.

      every one of them has said the same thing.

      "I will never use another phone! if this is a cellphone, then all others phones are walkie talkies!"
    1. rossmnz's Avatar
      rossmnz -
      Vodafone new Zealand release theirs 12.01am 11th.

      World first baby hahaha!

      One of the few benefits of living in NZ, as the man above said our data prices are 3rd world lol.
      To be honest im gonna get my hands on one on the 11th but prob wont use it much until there is a boss prefs and i can turn my data off lol!!!