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  • Raging Thunder Looks Like SDK App, Available Now
    Polarbit has created a really cool game for the iPhone and iPodTouch that starts to take advantage of the potential gaming and graphics capabilities. The game is called Raging Thunder and is a great look at what we can expect to come in the near future.

    video from superrama's post here

    The game is still a bit buggy but it looks really cool and is an awesome example of iPhone and iPod touch gaming potential. Hopefully it will be refined further for even better gameplay. Controls are a bit hard to get used to, you DO drive via the accelerometer, but with a bit of practice it will probably be very usable.

    Game description from the Polarbit site:
    Raging Thunder is a gut-churning, tire burning racer developed for a broad range of mobile platforms and handheld devices. Race against time, CPU controlled opponents or up to three other speed addicts in this fast paced and exhilarating coin-op style racing game.

    Raging Thunder allows players control over some of the most extreme muscle cars in the world, on a variety of tracks set in different beautifully realized environments. The crisp graphics, responsive controls and polished details of Raging Thunder are sure to impress both casual gamers and the hard-core alike.
    How do you get this game on your iPhone? Easy, just check installer, it is hosted on the BigBoss repo

    Some pics:
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    1. Flatbeats's Avatar
      Flatbeats -
      cool game, tried it and loved it, couldnt get championship
      to work though, just hung my iphone for 10 minutes befor it rebooted. and did the same after a quick race.
    1. iBlade's Avatar
      iBlade -
      Nobody with a sound fix? Does even sound work for anybody? If yes I have to digg deeper.
    1. eliko5390's Avatar
      eliko5390 -
      can someone write the source pls? i can't find the game on the installer
    1. swifty7's Avatar
      swifty7 -
      why won't anybody answer the sound question?

      is it normal for it not having any sound of yet?
    1. lillewis51's Avatar
      lillewis51 -
      nobody has sound because there isnt sound
    1. medafor's Avatar
      medafor -
      Polarbit, help apple and adobe out with flash, lol, good job guys!
    1. babikian's Avatar
      babikian -
      yes best app. for the Iphone by far.The controls are so accurate,great graphics,it shows you the awsome potantials Iphone has.
      BTW.is there any options other than Quick Race?
    1. benwinship's Avatar
      benwinship -
      Only Arcade works for me, when i try Quick Race it just quits back to the home screen.
    1. klingelhofer101's Avatar
      klingelhofer101 -
      O right
    1. nadiasortiz's Avatar
      nadiasortiz -
      Where can we donate to the developer? this is a bad A** game even if its still in beta! Love it!
    1. Aiyo's Avatar
      Aiyo -
      thats pretty cool, but I'm waiting for Super Monkey Ball! (hurry up june/july!)
    1. kainisable's Avatar
      kainisable -
      this game is kc*fing sweet!!!

      Quote Originally Posted by Aiyo View Post
      thats pretty cool, but I'm waiting for Super Monkey Ball! (hurry up june/july!)
      i know me too!!

      i can see alot of my pay checks going too apple app store, i love being a kid with a job and not having to pay bills
    1. cobaltzz's Avatar
      cobaltzz -
      Hi has the game being remove?? Bcos i restart and refresh my iphone but still can see it..
    1. bstunt10190's Avatar
      bstunt10190 -
      love the game, buggy yea but it'll only get better
      it seems the people are having a hard time finding the game

      message me if you want the link to the game
    1. iBlade's Avatar
      iBlade -
      Here it is for everybody that wants to install the game manualy. Remember the game has no sound yet. And it is still in beta, so try at your own risk. I have it on my 1.1.3 and no problems so far, it does crash sometime when in menu just wait a little and homescreen comes back up or hit the home button.

      All thanks clicks appreciated.
    1. hedgehogger's Avatar
      hedgehogger -
      Thanks. I'm afraid I don't know where to put it. I know how to use FTP to connect to the device and I find the folders Media and Library but what then? (Weird, I see the game in Installer.app but when trying to download it says that the source is not found)
    1. iBlade's Avatar
      iBlade -
      You have to unzip the folder and copy RagingThunder.app to the applications folder, you have to also set the permission to 0777 or even 4777 depending of what you install.
    1. Tigran's Avatar
      Tigran -
      AMAZING GAME! It was like playing a good PSX(or medium PS2) game! I like it! Keep up the great work developers! iPhone is Number1
    1. ~~Tito~~'s Avatar
      ~~Tito~~ -
      This looks like a nokia game port? I can see a option for a left softkey and a right soft key. They probably ported a game because the resolution in the menus is off.
    1. seym0urcaKe's Avatar
      seym0urcaKe -
      Anybody know where to download his Wallpaper?