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  • Raging Thunder Looks Like SDK App, Available Now
    Polarbit has created a really cool game for the iPhone and iPodTouch that starts to take advantage of the potential gaming and graphics capabilities. The game is called Raging Thunder and is a great look at what we can expect to come in the near future.

    video from superrama's post here

    The game is still a bit buggy but it looks really cool and is an awesome example of iPhone and iPod touch gaming potential. Hopefully it will be refined further for even better gameplay. Controls are a bit hard to get used to, you DO drive via the accelerometer, but with a bit of practice it will probably be very usable.

    Game description from the Polarbit site:
    Raging Thunder is a gut-churning, tire burning racer developed for a broad range of mobile platforms and handheld devices. Race against time, CPU controlled opponents or up to three other speed addicts in this fast paced and exhilarating coin-op style racing game.

    Raging Thunder allows players control over some of the most extreme muscle cars in the world, on a variety of tracks set in different beautifully realized environments. The crisp graphics, responsive controls and polished details of Raging Thunder are sure to impress both casual gamers and the hard-core alike.
    How do you get this game on your iPhone? Easy, just check installer, it is hosted on the BigBoss repo

    Some pics:
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    1. addybgrilla's Avatar
      addybgrilla -
      Just downloaded it through installer, the next gen of iphone gaming for sure, gfx smooth as butter, even god rays like crysis ffs

      Control with accelerometer is easy after about 5 seconds and realising you dont have to turn it much to turn

      Great stuff, awesome work by the devs
    1. iBlade's Avatar
      iBlade -
      Does anybody have problems with sound? I am on 1.1.3 but can't get sound to work.
    1. alerx7's Avatar
      alerx7 -
      okay i downloaded it now how where do i put it wen i ssh it
    1. redcard's Avatar
      redcard -
      Quote Originally Posted by alerx7 View Post
      okay i downloaded it now how where do i put it wen i ssh it
      ssh what?
    1. safio911's Avatar
      safio911 -
      same here,,cant find
    1. angelvsqz's Avatar
      angelvsqz -
      Ok so I found out you must change the settings "auto Acceleration" which is found under settings or options i think.
    1. iPhoneMadness's Avatar
      iPhoneMadness -
      I found it under Recent Applications.

      Anyways, downloaded it and tried a quick demo. It's really cool, cept as stated before, it's sensitive.

      I couldn't quit the game though.

      Also, I got a text in the middle of playing, the game flickered a few times. So as I'm trying to quit, I keep pressing the screen so maybe some menu comes up, nothing. Home button didn't work either.

      Although, when I hit the screen with two fingers, the screen flickered again showing my text in the background. I held it with one finger and pressed with another and it flickered every time I did that. I finally pressed view message so it quit the program.

      Just a little bug. So far so good though.
    1. reeko's Avatar
      reeko -
      indeed buggy, crashed my phone 3 times already.

      impressed with the gameplay and the gfx, looking forward to june so so so bad now.

      3g iphone with revolutionary gaming.... wet dream.....
    1. swooop's Avatar
      swooop -
      i love how this rudimentary iphone game just owns all the other cell phone games out there..

      I can already imagine playing nfs on this thing!
    1. robbienakata's Avatar
      robbienakata -
      For those of you having difficulties controlling it try putting it flat on a table and lifting the edges slightly to steer. Still takes some getting use to but a lot easier than holding the phone.
    1. WiFone's Avatar
      WiFone -
      For those of you having trouble finding it, it's in BigBoss's repo for Installer.app. And it's available via Cydia too, also thru BigBoss's repo.

      For Installer.app: add source

      (or perhaps
    1. Taniban's Avatar
      Taniban -
      yeah... i dont get any sound...
    1. TheOrioles33's Avatar
      TheOrioles33 -
      Looks like I wont need to carry my PSP around eventually either. YES!!!
    1. kiwiboi's Avatar
      kiwiboi -
      I love this game! The best game for iPhone by far.
    1. tonyjosh's Avatar
      tonyjosh -
      looks tight im ready to get it
    1. R34's Avatar
      R34 -
      for those having problems with sensitivity: imagine a tilt axis running through the phone from top to bottom. Tilting to the right steers the car to the right, tilting to the left steers the car to the left. now hold the phone like you would a gameboy or something. the more vertical you hold the phone, the less sensitive your steering will be. the more horizontal you hold the phone, the more sensitive your steering will be. mess around with this until you find something that works for you.
    1. bx don's Avatar
      bx don -
      **** works fine for me i luv the game allready...
    1. NSCXP2005's Avatar
      NSCXP2005 -
      When I run the game, the car drives backwards instead of forward.

      Any ideas how to fix this?
    1. McGeeTM's Avatar
      McGeeTM -
      no sound =( and my career mode doesnt work either =(
    1. Rustynuts's Avatar
      Rustynuts -
      Works perfect just had a quick go, and omg love it....

      good work guys....