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  • ATT Free WiFi at Starbucks is Live
    Back in February, we found out that ATT was teaming up with Starbucks to offer free WiFi and oust T-Mo from the current WiFi providing deals.

    Now, those portals are apparently live. David Chartier got some screenshots of the ATT iPhone portal in a Texas Starbucks. Users can now use a "membership" to get free access, or sign up for one-day/one-hour/etc for-pay passes as well.

    thanks, kevin, for second image

    He mentioned the Starbucks manager there thought the plan was to have all 7000 or so US Starbucks locations moved over to ATT WiFi by summer. Just in time for the Gphone.

    Starbucks says:

    • Complimentary Wi-Fi for Starbucks customers When you register your Starbucks Card and use it at least once a month, you'll receive two consecutive hours a day of complimentary Wi-Fi, courtesy of AT&T.
    • Complimentary Wi-Fi for AT&T DSL customers AT&Ts more than 12 million DSL customers already qualify for free Wi-Fi at their neighborhood Starbucks.
    • Competitive pricing for paid Wi-Fi All other customers can receive two consecutive hours of Wi-Fi access for $3.99.
    If you've got more info on the Starbucks rollout side, or a better screenshot of the ATT iPhone portal, let us know!
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    1. sogo's Avatar
      sogo -
      Can't wait to use
    1. Bernie-Mac's Avatar
      Bernie-Mac -
      how is it free if you have to pay for it?
    1. billchase2's Avatar
      billchase2 -
      i'm confused on how it works... however, if it's free for AT&T customers, sweet!
    1. Dust Busta's Avatar
      Dust Busta -
      Quote Originally Posted by Bernie-Mac View Post
      how is it free if you have to pay for it?
      I'm not sure, but I think it's free if you use your AT&T login. And if you don't have one, then you have to pay.
    1. JordanXX's Avatar
      JordanXX -
      The starbucks WIFI isn't FREE.

      The card is $19.00 a month for 2 hours a day. This isn't free. It's only free for AT&T Broadband customers (which excludes iPhone users that do not have AT&T Broadband at home).

      WIFI should truly be free, however, I understand the dilemma of having customers tie up a table for hours on end and only buy a small tea. To handle this we can use courtesy. How about a sign that says please "Limit WIFI use to 2 hours or less, Thank you"
    1. hoits2000's Avatar
      hoits2000 -
      It will be free before long, just like phone calls before long. World-wide wifi-coming to the world May 2012.
    1. Kyle Matthews's Avatar
      Kyle Matthews -
      Edited post with a little more info from Starbucks on the pricing structure...
    1. BRINET's Avatar
      BRINET -
      You get free Wifi for 2 hours if you have a Starbucks Card(Starbucks Cards are free - just make sure that is registered).
    1. lifesmymachine's Avatar
      lifesmymachine -
      Quote Originally Posted by BRINET View Post
      You get free Wifi for 2 hours if you have a Starbucks Card(Starbucks Cards are free - just make sure that is registered).
      correct, but the card must be used monthly, which is still an AWESOME deal.. cant wait till this comes to LA

      starbucks may have just stolen a coffee bean customer :-P
    1. JedixJarf's Avatar
      JedixJarf -
      Free for ATT DSL users now I can use it at Mcdonalds and starbucks.
    1. x0bry7x's Avatar
      x0bry7x -
      Is the "Gphone" that you are referring to, the google phone? Is it really coming out
    1. Aiyo's Avatar
      Aiyo -
      aww... you have to pay to get free?.. thats stupid.
    1. bazookafx3's Avatar
      bazookafx3 -
      This I'snt that new is it? I was at a Barns And Nobles with an added Starbucks and I found the network with my ipod touch, yes i was disappointed at the price (I prefer free) Since i am an AT&T customer is there anyway i can still get the wifi for free? (By the way this was a few weeks ago)
    1. Nikke73's Avatar
      Nikke73 -
      That AT&T login page for iphone is something like 4-5 months old thing.
    1. Rescuer's Avatar
      Rescuer -
      I wonder when the "order drinks" thing on the iphone is going to be implemented
    1. Kruejl's Avatar
      Kruejl -
      Its been at my local Starbucks for a while now. Sorry, but this news isn't exactly hot of the presses.
    1. ajustcircle's Avatar
      ajustcircle -
      really what i'm waiting for, and have been for awhile now as what is in the picture i sent pf (i'm kevan by the way) has been there for a week or so, is the xm radio station info integration with the touch/phone we chicago folk, along with you other launch(ish) cities were promised by now. i'm not a huge fan of the music they play, but i think it would be a really neat thing to have available. also, apple needs to buy that guys mockup/ip of the order system and get that thing rolling.
    1. zoolander369's Avatar
      zoolander369 -
      Wait, so it's not free for AT&T iPhone customers? That...really...sucks.
    1. ma5t3rw1tt's Avatar
      ma5t3rw1tt -
      I have a starbucks in Krogers (which is a grocery store for those who don't know) and I was mad because they don't have WIFI. Looks like I get the **** end of the deal
    1. usrbin's Avatar
      usrbin -
      stop whining, there has to be a Panera bread nearby, they have free wifi. Just Google for free wifi in your area. Heck our local bar even has free wifi, though I think i was the only one using it