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  • [Beta Release] Pwn Your Phone with Windows | Winpwn
    So there has been constant talk and anticipation for the ability to pwn your phone with Windows ever since the release of PwnageTool for OSX. Now all you windows users can give it a shot with the beta release of Winpwn. Video after the break . . .

    While you can use this to pwn your phone many features are disabled until cmw feels that they are stable enough for the public.

    Disabled features:
    • 2.0+ support
    • Most applications
    • Baseband unlocking

    What it should do:

    Pwn your phone. Create custom pwnd 1.1.4 with installer that is not unlocked.

    To Use:

    Download Winpwn beta and put the itunes dll file inside the Winpwn program files directory. You may have to put the phone in recovery mode manually if Winpwn doesnt do it automatically.

    [ame="http://www.viddler.com/explore/iAnon/videos/1/"]Viddler.com -winpwn - Uploaded by iAnon@@AMEPARAM@@http://www.viddler.com/player/658a8f16/@@AMEPARAM@@658a8f16/[/ame]

    Winpwn0.99.1.8Beta Download | Mirror
    iTunes DLL | Mirror

    Post your experiences
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    1. clarkbark's Avatar
      clarkbark -
      To all the people whining about the beta. Are you really complaining that its just a beta? Be thankful that they are even working on a PC version of pwnage. Its not like your paying for it. Whatever they come up with you get it for free. I'm sure they are working hard to get the bugs fixed and to get a full working version of pwnage out asap.
    1. J2N4Ever's Avatar
      J2N4Ever -
      Well guys. My iPhone has became iPwned Thanks to CMW and The iPhone Dev Team. Major props to you all who have contributed to the efforts of said teams and those team member's who have dedicated time from their lives to give us these programs.

      But problem... iPhone doesn't activate through iTunes after winpwn even if you're an AT&T Customer... This is a problem seeing as it took over 30+ minutes to create the custom ipsw
    1. ahmed615's Avatar
      ahmed615 -
      Linux4me you need to calm down take a chill pill or something.......... just breathhhhhhhh
    1. jayc7176's Avatar
      jayc7176 -
      lol itroubles all over
    1. heath_rox's Avatar
      heath_rox -
      nice 4 them windows users
    1. sogo's Avatar
      sogo -
      Great, finally everyone will stop bbbbbbitching!

      Quote Originally Posted by Linux4me View Post
      okay one read the damn website it tells you no 2.0 support aka no 2.0 beta will not work.

      2 either kiss some butt in here that already pwn it on a mac or like the dude said above.

      Stop asking noob questions like that
      You have 51 posts, all from the other pwn thread, and have been her for less and month and you think your not a noob??????
    1. Jaysonic88's Avatar
      Jaysonic88 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Linux4me View Post
      there still crying

      DEA is a bad @$$ show even know I hate po-po. I like the show. That weed was not high grade that crap is low grade. High grade has no seeds cause mofos like me keepem

      www.winpwn.com read the info he tells you what to do about that problem
      do u have .net 2.0

      Thanks for the help. =)
    1. JedixJarf's Avatar
      JedixJarf -
      Ok everyone needs to chill, win users, be happy you have a working pwnage tool even if it is in beta. Mac users be happy you have a working pwnage tool too that is very modifiable and easy to install what ever you want into your ipsw files. Now everone get along or Im gonna open a can of whoopie cushions on you.
    1. haibane's Avatar
      haibane -
      Finally got it to work by just restoring with the file created by winpwn
    1. hhider2's Avatar
      hhider2 -
      hey my **** wont restore in itunes and i got those two files from the winpwn.com and still ipwner doesnt work... i have no clue cus i accidently put my iphone in DFU mode.. so im kinda screwed at the moment and yess... i am a "noob"... pls someone who nos wut there doin help me.... i just got effed in the a

      oh yea and wen i do try to restore in itunes... it gives me an error of -10
    1. dale1v's Avatar
      dale1v -
      I will use this later, when I have the time.
      At least most of the whiners have been destroyed.

      To whom it may concern:
      If you like to whine about how you don't like it being beta and how long it took to make, you can always make your own tools. But what if you can't do it? Then the solution is simple; you shut your mouth.
    1. haibane's Avatar
      haibane -
      Well. Neat program. I don't get any service though with this method. Restore through itunes was kinda interesting. Should be nice to beta test it, but I am moving back for primary phone. Cool bootloader stuff.
    1. NowaPolska99's Avatar
      NowaPolska99 -
      wow, lol this didnt get out of hand. haha noobs...haha
    1. WARP10CK's Avatar
      WARP10CK -
      First of all great job but why release a beta with disabled functions ??
      I mean I have no problems waiting for the full release take your time guys and release it when you think its ready.
    1. bmasti's Avatar
      bmasti -
      i did everything at end it showing ur phone is pwn

      but not changes whats the problem ?
    1. JAG2621's Avatar
      JAG2621 -
      I think i will wait till he gets all the features enabled. Whats the use in half ***ing it.
    1. Poseidon79's Avatar
      Poseidon79 -
      Quote Originally Posted by bmasti View Post
      i did everything at end it showing ur phone is pwn

      but not changes whats the problem ?
      Pwning your phone does not change anything other than altering the bootloader so you can load custom firmware files. For everyone out there that has their phone jailbroken/unlocked already this is going to be a huge waste of time for you b/c in the end your phone will be EXACTLY how it is now except for a custom boot screen.

      And for all of you wanting 2.0 you will quickly realize that it does not have installer on it and even if it did, none of the apps out there are written for it so you' be back to a stock iPhone with a couple new stock features.
    1. Gom33's Avatar
      Gom33 -
      i will just wait until 2.0 can be jailbroken with installer, hehe... i don't really want to lose all my apps just to have a custom boot screen...

      but great job on making this happen for us... it can only go forward from here on out...
    1. lillewis51's Avatar
      lillewis51 -
      Quote Originally Posted by Linux4me View Post
      see atleast some people are given props then complaining. That's why things are call beta there still in test phase and this gives pros to noobs the chance to put there input to the developer and let him know of more bugs and so on. What worked fine what is troubling after you did what you can to get to work. The more input he gets the stronger you guys will make this application and quicker the full version will cone out. So I also higly encourage you to email him or chat with him on the IRC and stop crying.
      how do i get into the irc so i can talk to him?
    1. wepaz09's Avatar
      wepaz09 -
      hey i did it first time worked like a charm I had to redo it cuz I forgot to uncheck activate iphone... oh well i got to ad some custom boot logos now = ) Anyway I don't know why he didn't release the full version it worked like a charm

      Oh i'm on at&t btw

      If you want to activate it with at&t you have to add the 1.1.4 lockdown file or else it will be just an itouch